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Soy Based Fragrance Options for Your Home

January 30, 2018
Thank you to Chesapeake Bay Candle for partnering with Unlikely Martha. Who doesn’t love a good soy candle and a comfy home. I was compensated for this post. All opinions are mine.


Childhood memories never leave us and I’m thankful the vast majority of mine are of pleasant times growing up in Maryland right outside of Washington, D.C. In the summers, we would travel to Ocean City, MD which would require us to cross over the Bay bridge. I have so many fond memories of my dad saying, “We’re going over the bridge,” and me peering out of the car window glaring down at the Chesapeake Bay not in the least bit afraid of how far up we were but only focused on the fact that we were just a short distance away from the boardwalk, salt water taffy and the smell of sand and ocean.

I’m quite certain my love for all ocean and marine inspired looks and smells stem from our annual family trips to the beach. No matter the season, I am known to mix in the crisp and light smells of ocean inspired candles with more seasonal tones to include notes of amber and florals. Walking into a home that smells good immediately offers a sense of coziness and Chesapeake Bay Candle has done a great job of offering many of the smells that remind me of my childhood growing up in Maryland spending days on the beach combined with other smells I love. Chesapeake Bay Candle products have an amazing aesthetic that is simple, and clean with a modern feel. They turn from just a candle to becoming a part of our home’s decor with their stylish designs and nature-inspired fragrances.

One of my absolute favorites is Aqua Marine Small Jar. The notes of bergamot, lemon zest and other floral and fruit tones creating a calming smell, and rightfully so this candle lives in our bedroom. Even unlit, the throw of the scent is remarkable, soothing and calming much like the ocean and perfect for winding down.


Chesapeake Bay Candle

The Milk & Honey Coffee Table Jar Candle is a soy blend of vanilla, white freesia and bergamot amongst other tones lives in our laundry room. This scent reminds me of fresh laundry, and I light it even when I’m not in there doing my least favorite chore. The rate at which this candle can fragrance our entire house, tucked away in the laundry room is unbelievable. I’ve often had people come in asking where the fragrance is coming from.

Chesapeake Bay Candle

Snuggling up in the living room, by the fire this Winter has been one of our favorite pastimes. If a smell could give you feelings of fuzzy socks, cuddled in a blanket with a good book its the Driftwood & Amber Small Jar Candle. Situated in our little reading nook, saturated with the smell of driftwood, vanilla, sandalwood and amber, this has been the absolute perfect candle for Winter.

Chesapeake Bay Candle

My son is 12, and if I may be blunt boys are stinky. Real stinky at this age. When I need to air his space out I light this Fig and Redwood Double Wick Tine Candle. Its design fits the industrial chic look of his room and sits nicely on his bookshelf. The sophisticated notes of birch and cedar among other masculine scented notes freshen his room in no time.

Chesapeake Bay Candle

When creating a cozy home it takes layers, and not just layers of fabric and rugs and curtains but smell is also an integral part. Ever walked into a house that looked and smelled good?


The Chesapeake Bay Candle Heritage Collection of soy blended fragrances are layered to add depth to your overall feeling of home with an array of soothing, energizing and refreshing scents that work for any season. Infused with natural essential oils and designs that are modern and minimal in design these candles are perfect for finishing off your home decor.ave







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    No matter how nice the house if not fragrant then the house will not be comfortable to occupy. I’m also a person who really likes fragrances.

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