Last Day of School Printable 2017

first day of school

As I approach my blog anniversary in a few days it’s hard to believe that at the birth of this little speck of internet space my girl was only a few months old and my son was 4.

Today I sent them off to 1st and 5th grades respectively. Lawd, father time has no chill.

N O N E.

They were excited to say the least. The opportunity to catch up with old friends was calling their names and I’m so glad they were eager to answer. After two whole months of practically being with them 24/7 I was just as excited as they were. If you follow me on Snapchat and caught that “Get Out” then you already know!


File Aug 01, 7 19 56 PM


File Aug 01, 7 18 32 PM


….and if you want to take a trek down memory lane here is back to school 2011, 2013, 2014, and  2015





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  1. They are beautiful children. I can relate to the feeling that first day of school can be exciting to parents as well. Our kids at school give us the time needed to “miss” them until we need to spend 24/7 for two months. LOL. I guess 10 months is needed for that special two months when we almost never have quiet time for ourselves even for a full hour. I also like the idea of the placard thing too! I am making a mental note to myself to that next school year. That is acooler to remember the exact day (especially year) when things happen.

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