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Those of you that have been around these parts for the last four almost five years, I know you remember a day when I was very vocal about my disdain for cooking. I suppose the saying, “The apple doesn’t fall from the tree” is true, seeing that two of the things my parents love(d) are now two of my favorite hobbies. Who knew the cooking and photography chicken would come home to roost at my address!!

Today we are talking about food and although I am not the best at food photography I am working at getting better and trust me it is harder than it look.

Lemon chicken potato casserole

Lemon Chicken Potato Casserole

Blueberry Morning Bake

Blueberry Morning Bake

Tip: When shooting food try your best to get natural sunlight. There are tutorials on Pinterest regarding how to build lightboxes to get those natural light food shots but nothing is better than the real thing if you can manage. Also be sure to add props and play with your angles to find the best light and shot.

Be sure to head over to see LaShawn and what she has “cooking” this week!

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