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I feel like I’ve been so disconnected from this space for the past two weeks. There isn’t a  particularly exceptional reason for said disconnect, except for my gross inability to properly organize my life. My well intentions and what actually “had” happened   left me floundering trying to get everything done these past few weeks. Everything that was pressing has been completed and now this week I can start with a fresh slate…and those same good intentions to live a well organized life!!

It’s just really hard to believe that Saturday is November 1. I am going to put those same “good intentions” as mentioned above to making sure I start my Christmas shopping in November.

Speaking of, next month it’s  NaBloPoMo time again. For those not familiar it is a  challenge that stretches bloggers to blog EVERY DAY of the month. I’m throwing myself in again this year. I’ve succeeded some years, failed others and I think one was a technical glitch. Here’s 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013.

My neighborhood is one of those where everyone brings their children to Trick or Treat. I spoke with one of my neighbors on the main street and she says she collects candy over the year and spends about $600 on candy and still runs out. Ma’ams…I have $100 on it and then my light is going off. Last year I spent $40 and the light was off in about 30 minutes. I learned from last year one or two pieces and that’s it. Maybe we’ll make it an hour this year?

Today marks 1 year since I became an AKA. That day was epic and the memories alone will forever stay with me. I’m still glad to have been in the number. This weekend was full of AKA activities. A few of my line sisters and I got together for some painting on Friday. Saturday we had our annual wine tasting fundraiser. Fun times indeed.

The iPhone 6 was calling my name so I broke down and purchased one on my upgrade. I was coming from an iPhone 4s so this thing has been life changing. I am really enjoying the iMovie app. For the longest time I’ve really wanted to integrate more video into the blog and grow it in another dimension but lugging around my DSLR was less than ideal so being able to shoot video, edit and upload to Youtube from the phone? Yasssss. Matter of fact last Wednesday I decided to give it a whirl and did a day in the life video.

Want to see what a day in my life looks like? Here you go. Please make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel. Please?!

How was your weekend? Participating in NaBloPoMo this year? Are you ready for Christmas?

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  1. It’s been a year already….staph……time is going way to fast. I got the new note 4 you know I am still team android over here and the pictures are much clearer. They never ask how my day was they start talking about their day off the bat and I be like shat let me get out of the line first. I like this we should start a movement with a day in the life…..never mind I ain’t getting on no camera.
    Kita recently posted..Holiday Gift Guide: Sweet Treats

    1. Wasn’t it messy?!!! Thanks, I think I a going to do them more now that it is easier for me to take good quality video on my phone. Thanks for watching.

  2. I was def being nosey looking at all the snacks in the back, LOL! You sound the way I do when I see a child out of bed past bedtime. I think blackish is so funny and I’m glad the show is a hit. I still have my 4S. That’s so neat that the 6 allows you to create videos with iMovie! One of these days I’ll upgrade. I don’t know why I’m so attached to this phone, LOL! Loved the video!
    Tia recently posted..Catching Up w/ Fall

    1. I was attached to mine to. The screen was all broke up, shards of glass were missing but that was my baby. It stopped working so that is the only way I ended up getting a new one.

  3. so
    1. I want to do a video!!! I haven’t done a vlog in so long! My you tube channel is a fail.
    2. I want a iphone 6. I’m trying to hold out but….
    3. Ma’am please upgrade to Lightroom 5. #thatisall
    4. The school bus drama….LOL
    5. I thought about NaBloPoMo and…vetoed it. But maybe….
    6. Happy Anniversary!
    LaShawn recently posted..How to use VSCOcam for Instagram

    1. Let’s just saying I’m holding out on my Lightroom like you are on the 6!

      You know you normally attempt NaBloPoMo every year….I say give it a whirl.

  4. Lol your son is too cute. Love the vlog. I want to try to do video too. I just don’t have in in me to do the editing. I’m just trying to keep up with my normal posts. One day lol. I am doing NaBloPoMo…I’m determined to stick with it!
    Tyshia recently posted..Style Files: Fall Wish List

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