Must Have Compact Beauty Items

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As a busy mom on the go, I won’t tell a fib and say I haven’t rushed out of the house having missed putting on lotion and deodorant. Not too frequently but frequently enough I now keep a little stash in my glove box along with that trusty $5 bill they say you should keep.

Being on the move and put together involves a certain level of planning. With a busy lifestyle you never know what the day may bring and being ready for anything that may arise provides a sense of confidence. Carrying compact beauty products is not only good for when you forget something but also for freshening up your look over the course of a day, or for those days when work turns into happy hour and you want to look and feel your best without trekking home.

These compact beauty products will keep you looking fly on the go

Compact Beauty Products

  1. We all know how soon those pesky roots can pop up seemingly days after you’ve dropped a mini fortune on your new color. No Gray Quick Fix  is a great option to extend your color and investment. The small size makes it easy to slide into your purse for quick touchups as you see them. With the color being temporary touch up all you want until you find a moment to get back to the salon.
  2. The dewy look is in, but greasy is not. These oil blotting sheets will do away with your shine after a long day turns into night.
  3. It’s summer and the need for sun protection is critical. This tinted moisturizer is lighter than foundation, giving you a light coverage mixed in with sun protection.
  4. Revlon Ultra HD matte lip color goes on smooth and dries to a long lasting matte finish
  5. Keep your hands and cuticles moisturized with EOS hand lotions.

These compact beauty products take up little space but provide a big boost in making you look great throughout the day. Get creative and find colorful and fun bags to house your items in. Whether you keep them in your car or purse don’t get caught without them!

What are some of your favorite compact beauty items?




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    Trina Small
    June 28, 2016 at 4:39 pm

    Great must haves! I’ve been meaning to pick up that matte lippie. Hopefully I won’t need that gray fix for a while (crosses fingers).

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    Ja'net Lovelace
    July 11, 2016 at 12:45 pm

    I love the EOS lip balm! I also love the tinted moisturizer by Nars! I’m looking forward to trying the oil blotting sheets! Thanks for the tips!

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