New Week…Same Hustle

Ever seen the movie Groundhog Day? Well, for those of you who have not, the man in the movie keeps living the same day over and over again. To say the least, I think we all feel the same way sometimes. The monotony of life can get overwhelming, having us wishing for an inkling of change. Sorry I can’t make the change happen but I have been finding myself thinking of ways to make the week run a little smoother. Recently I had a conversation with one of my besties regarding this and she summed it up perfectly, you have to be ORGANIZED!

Whether you have kids, or are just a kid yourself, organization is an absolute must for a clutter free life both mentally and physically. I truly believe this, now the execution of it in my world…not so much. So with one foot in front of the other, taking it one day at a time, I vow to “try” to implement some of the tips listed below. You can steal mine if you wish or make your own…I will let you know next week how it really went down! Have a great week.

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Mom, wife and friend. I moonlight as a cooker, baker, laundry folder and organizer. I like to think I do it in style. Unlikely Martha is my contribution to the internet in helping women "Keep House and Stay Fly!"


  1. I find my weekends to be the most challenging. My husband works at night and sleeps during the day, so not only do I have to keep the kids occupied I have to keep them quiet, lol. My goal for this week is to think of some fun free activities (while the weather is still warm) to get us out of the house while keeping me in my budget). The definition of insanity is spending all day inside with a 4 year old and one year old!

  2. I most definitely need to make a to do list! Spending less time on FB is at the top of my list!! It's just so ding dang hard to resist!! Good luck with your list!! I plan on making one of my own!!!

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