Pier 1 Outdoor Furniture

Pier 1 Outdoor Makeover

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Spring has officially sprung, and I couldn’t be happier. Porch sittin’ is one of my favorite pastimes, and having an outdoor entertaining area was on the very top of the list of must-haves when we were looking to purchase a home. I was blessed to get a front porch, a deck and a large screened-in porch.

All three of these outdoor spaces need some love, but the one that was high on my priority list was the screened-in area because enjoying the breeze of a warm night shielded from bugs is always a good thing.
We started with this.

Pier 1 Outdoor Furniture

The carpet was disgusting and there were webs and bugs everywhere. We hadn’t really used the space since we moved in nearly 2.5 years ago.
To start the transformation, we (and by “we,” I mean “he”) took up the carpet, pressure-washed the area and removed the plywood to reveal the wood underneath that we will eventually stain.

Pier 1 Outdoor Furniture`

Pier 1 Outdoor Furniture

With a blank slate, I was able to venture out to Pier 1 for some outdoor furnishings and accessories to start decorating the space.  First things first: Seating was at the top of my priority list. If you’ve come across my porch cocktails Pinterest board, then you totally get it!

Pier 1 Outdoor Furniture

This space will continue to be a revolving work in progress as I play with colors and additional Pier 1 accessories. Here is the current state of the outdoor space. I have been out there every night since the temps have been warm. I can hardly believe this transformation.

I’ve incorporated a few of my mother’s items, as I always do in our spaces. A great way to remember her.

Pier 1 Outdoor Furniture

Pier 1 Outdoor Furniture


Pier 1 Outdoor Furniture

This is certainly not the wicker of old. With the look of wicker, the quality on these chairs will make them indestructible. They are easily sprayed down. I just loved the coiling detail on the arms and the updated feel to the wicker design.

I am in love with the color and the softness of the seat cushions that I purchased for the love seat and chair. I wanted something that was a bit of a colorful neutral where I could change out the throw pillows from time to time. These work perfectly and I have managed to curl into a ball comfortably on the loveseat, and I am waiting for a rainy day to lay on it and read a magazine.

The throw pillows bring in the color of Summer, I’ve eyed some other options at Pier1 so don’t be surprised to see the throw pillows changed out as I make the space an extension of the living room with complimentary colors.

I went with this neutral rug to keep my options open for bringing in color with my throw pillows.

This outdoor rug was perfect for the look I was going for. I love the size and the quality, and I had quite a dilemma in the store between going for color or sticking with the neutral color and the neutral won out. It’s classic design and color work for defining the seating area.

Pier 1 Outdoor Furniture

Pier 1 Outdoor Furniture

Pier 1 Outdoor Furniture

In a few weeks, I’ll be throwing a fun party to show off my new outdoor space, and will be adding additional Pier 1 accessories to include lighting and dinnerware!  Can’t wait to share with you.

It’s time to get those outdoor spaces together.  Whether your space is big or small, Pier 1 has what you need! With hundreds of exciting new decorating options, Pier 1 will help you create an awesome outdoor space that you’ll never want to leave. Explore their new 2016 collections here, and remember to share photos of your Pier 1 décor on Instagram with #Pier1Love.




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  1. Your transformation looks awesome. I love Pier One, shopped them for years!!! and interestingly enough, we had the outdoor set in our old house just before we moved. It sold very quickly to a neighbor when we left the States.

  2. Great job! I need you here for me lol Seriously, you did such a great job. FYI: Pier 1 and HomeGoods are my two favorite home stores.

  3. Love Pier One not only for indoors, but have learned to love them for my outside too. We just put in a pergola with covered top on top of beautiful pavers in a design. And I bought pillows from Pier One for my outdoor loveseats and chairs. And also candle holders and lanterns, I love it.

    We also have a 50 5t long patio by 13 ft and have chairs and loveseat from pier one and have to be honest wal-mart also. Bought pillows from pier one again, love the bold color choices and the lanterns, to have a old world charm. I also love to go into pier one, to look for the unusual, I love things you would not see in your friends homes. With pier one I can achieve this.

    And of course from pier one, I bought wine glasses for our pergola and serving dishes to match. Love it, add a rug some hanging plants potted plants and your all set.

  4. Pier One has unusual items to make your space YOURS. Love the way you fixed your screened porch, bet you wish you did that a long time ago! I do a lot of Christmas shopping a Pier One.

  5. vcEach spring the avid gardener thinks about what they are going to plant in their landscape and vegetable garden. The beginners look to how they should start and what they should plant. When I was a beginner I fell into the trap of wanting to plant EVERYTHING I laid my eyes one.

  6. Waoohh!! Those pictures looks amazing. I have a small backyard garden and am going to try Pier-1 Outdoor Furniture because they are compelling and elegant.

    Good work, keep posting!!

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