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8 Things To Consider When Purchasing a New Home

Purchasing a new home

Nearly a year being in this home I am still often haunted at the process it took to get here. Selling and purchasing a home in last year’s market was not for the weak. Outside of the market dictating some of our issues I thought I would give those of you considering the leap a few tips.

1. Decide What To Do With Your Current Home: If you currently own a home, don’t assume you have to sell it. If you would like to keep it as an income property speak with a mortgage specialist before starting your search. We found out months later into our process that we could’ve kept our home. Had we known earlier we may have put the search off a few months to save the additional monies needed to keep it as a rental property.

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Weekend Wrap Up – Bad Appraisal & a Tea Party

Hi Cyber Friends!

Hope your weekend was well. I can’t hardly believe we are almost done with July. It is almost like it didn’t exist. My children will be starting school in just 2 weeks and I can hardly believe it. This summer has been so rainy, I just don’t feel like we took advantage of it, but we always have the fall to look forward to.

This Friday we got the gut wrenching news that the house we currently have a contract on did not appraise. Seriously this $*&^ makes me want to holler. Again, $50K under seems to be the magic number. I just wanted to cry but managed to wrangle the tears and remind myself that ultimately God knows what we need and He will supply it in due time but I wasn’t in the mood to rationalize that on Friday night. What did I do? Closed my door and dared anyone enter.

Mommy Time Out