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junk drawer organization

I don’t think there is a kitchen in existence that doesn’t have a junk drawer. The drawer that catches all of the wayward items that

a. Don’t have a dedicated home

b. Have a home but someone is too lazy to take the few steps to place it there

c. It actually belongs in the kitchen but no time has been taken to give it a dedicated space there.

My junk drawer was getting a bit ridiculous. Went to stuff something else in there and couldn’t close it and decided it was time to do something about it.

junk drawer organization

I started by removing all of the items and going through them. Let’s be honest some of the stuff in those drawers need to be in the trash. After discarding everything I used some wire trays and plastic baskets from Dollar Tree to store everything else. I’ll come back around and make it pretty, think gold spray paint and a new drawer liner but I needed it to function now.

When it comes to what I keep in my junk drawer outside of the normal things like spare keys, batteries and pens I try to think of all of the things that go wrong when we are on or way out of the door. Somebody comes in the kitchen ready to go with a nasty or ashy face, there is lint on my black sweater that I didn’t see, I’ll be talking to people and need a stick of gum.

junk drawer organization

Think about how your life works and make your junk drawer not just  a place to house “junk” but a place that stores last minute necessities so you don’t have to run back into the house when you are on your way out of the door.

I am slowly working through my drawers and cabinets. If you’ve missed any of these posts, here is how I organized my pantry, and coffee station.

Kitchen Organization | DIY Coffee Station
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kitchen organization | coffee station

Coffee please.

Every. Morning.

I have not always been a coffee drinker but the magic of ground coffee beans mixed with hot water, sugar and creamer no longer eludes me. I am it’s biggest fan.

Kitchen Coffee Station

“but first coffee” printable found here

As with anything, my coffee space was a mess. The cabinet that houses my mugs is still a mess. I have figured one of the keys to creating a beautiful home is coming up with organized and aesthetically pleasing ways to solve your most pressing issues.

Cause you know fumbling for coffee essentials in the morning is not what I am about…anymore.

This year I’ll be working with Starbucks and I wanted to make sure my space was equipped to neatly store all of the the coffee goodies they will be sending me to try out and share with you and my house guests.

Kitchen Coffee Station

This drawer is just one in a row of four that sits under where the coffee maker is housed. I picked up the clear boxes from Dollar Tree and a total of five fit in the drawer. The ones in the back hold tea bags and hot chocolate. The ones on the side hold k-cups, creamer and stirring straws.

My coffee maker takes ground coffee as well so I made sure to leave space for coffee bags because you know K-cups aren’t always in the budget! (That said, I did find some reasonably priced k cup coffee makers that looked pretty good on a review site I found!)

Kitchen Coffee Station

I also created a space for my drinks on the go that I absolutely love. My favorite is the Starbucks VIA Instant Peppermint Mocha and my fancy Starbucks hot cocoa when I need a quick late afternoon boost of energy. While I am enjoying the Starbucks Holiday Blend, the VIA instant drink is everything, it really has the taste of grabbing a mocha in the store by just adding the mix to hot water. In the summer I’ll switch these on the go drink options out with something more seasonal.  I’m still working through my holiday stash since I’m the only coffee drinker in the house.

Kitchen Coffee Station


Kitchen Organization | DIY Coffee Station

Yes, I actually use that coffee and scoop it out with that mini Starbucks cup on mornings where I’m not in a complete rush and choose to make fresh coffee instead. I’m sure the espresso shot cup wasn’t made for scooping coffee but it works for me.

Getting your house organized starts with one little space at a time. I’m happy I took out the time to get my kitchen coffee station in order. It’s functional and makes sense for my habit and because I am smitten with how neat it looks I am more than certain it will stay this way.

I’ll be back once I get the cabinet together that stores my mug collection.

Do you have a coffee station? Does it make your life easier?

I was provided these coffee goodies by Starbucks. All opinions are mine.
DIY Living Organization

Cabinet Organization – Part I

I have 458,638 cabinets in my kitchen…well not really but close. I am ashamed but not really to be truthful with you and tell you that all of them are a H.A.M. All of them.

My pantry makeover kicked off operation kitchen organization and I am proud to report that nearly 2 months later the space is still very much neat and tidy. Ask anyone who has not bothered to put the bread back in it’s labeled basket about me. They’ll tell you I’ve become quite anal about that space. It is now time to move onto the other cabinets.


{Fab Top 5} Places for Pretty & Affordable Kitchen Storage

It’s that time again. This month the Fab Top 5 is focusing on the heartbeat of our homes….the kitchen.

If you’ve watched my vlogs you know for some reason we  spend an insane amount of time in the kitchen. Not even really cooking but just standing around and of course as a result it stays a mess. It is the central dropping place for JUNK.