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{kinda} Wordless Wednesday- O’ Christmas Tree

We finally got a Christmas tree.

It was on the agenda but not at the forefront of the minds of the adults in this house. I suppose I was counting the fact that the mantle and the outside decorations were done, however the children  were ready to stage a coup if we didn’t get a tree. So get a tree we did.

We got it from Kroger, got it home and in the stand before remembering that all of our Christmas decorations were thrown out with the trash when we moved.

Off to Target.


Fashion Rant

Blogger Confession: Out on a Phillip Lim

Since my weekend was rather non eventful I am going to join up with Joi over at Rx Fitness Lady for her Mini Blog Challenge. Today’s prompt was a blogger confession and yesterday I couldn’t get this thought out of my head so I’m going to spill it and blame it on Joi and her prompt.

This is the one where I rant about the madness that ensues amongst social media, bloggers and fashion lovers alike when a big designer offers an affordable line of fashion for the rest of us.

Target Phillip Lim

This Phillip Lim line for Target. I’m over it.