Yes to Grapefruit..A Review

A few weeks ago the lovely folks over at Yes to  sent me a goody box of their newest product offering, Yes to Grapefruit. I wanted the use the products for a few weeks before reviewing so that I could get a good feel of the products and whether or not I thought it would be a good product to recommend you add to your skincare arsenal or lack thereof!

Yes to Carrots

If you are not familiar with the brand they currently have a Yes to carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and blueberries in their product offering . The newest addition is Yes to Grapefruit and it is touted to help with skin issues such as hyper-pigmentation, as well as help reverse skin damage and enhance radiance.

I was sent these products to test out.

Yes to Grapefruit

Upon my first use of the daily facial scrub I was taken back by the fragrance. The majority of Yes to products are anywhere from  97 to 99 percent natural so I attribute that to the reason why I felt like I had just smeared fresh grapefruit all over my face. I am not a fan of the taste or smell of grapefruit but in all honesty after using the products for a few days the smell wasn’t distracting at all.

The daily face scrub had just enough “grit” in it without being irritating but I felt it was thoroughly cleansing. I’m not really sure if you should use it daily if you have sensitive skin because there was some roughness to it but for my rough skin it got the job done. After a few days I definitely felt like my skin was a little softer.

I followed up the facial scrub with the Dark Circle Correcting Eye Cream

Yes to Grapefruit Dark Eye Circle Correcting Eye Cream

Now this…OMGahhhhh. I wasn’t really expecting much and I wish I would’ve done a before but in the past three weeks of use I have seen a difference in the dark areas under my eyes. It is rather light in consistency so you have to make sure not to use too much otherwise you may run the risk of getting some of it in your eye. Do NOT ask me how I know this.

Post daily scrub and eye cream I applied the serum and moisturizer.

Yes to Grapefruit

Loved the serum. Again, one of those things where you only need at the most two pumps. It covered well. I can’t vouch for the product improvement on its own since it is a group of products but it applied well and I didn’t need a lot to get the job done…in other words you get more bang for the buck. We like that.

Now the moisturizer on the other hand gave me a bit of an issue. It was super thick which I suppose is due to the sunscreen in it. I ended up having to mix it with a dollop of my normal more creamy moisturizer to make sure it went on smoothly without leaving me with the hint of a white mask on my face. I actually ended up not using it much and just substituting it with my much lighter daily moisturizer. My skin is dark so it was an issue. If you have lighter toned skin I don’t really see it being an issue.

For the nights and mornings I was lazy I used the towelettes and I love them mostly for ease of use. You know those days when you are far too tired to mess around with a full skin care regimen. Wipe and go. These again had a little “grit.” I am obsessed with making sure all of the dirt is off my skin so I rubbed a little more vigorously than I needed to. Don’t be like me. Just a few regular swipes as with a washcloth will do. I can also see these being time savers in the morning especially when you have cleansed well at night.

Yes to Grapefruit

Of all of the products, second to the eye cream I loved these Yes to Cucumbers towelettes.

Yes to Cucumbers

They were cooling and removed a face full of makeup like a true champ. I suppose Allure didn’t give them the best of beauty award for nothing. These are extremely cooling and smell great. I plan to freeze packs of these in the summer when we head out to the amusement parks etc. to give myself a refreshing cool down when the weather gets hot and sticky.

I would definitely recommend you give these products a try. The pricing is right and you can find these products in your local drugstore or big box retailer as well as online. The company is currently offing 25% online orders. Great incentive if you want to take these products for a whirl.

yes to Grapefruit coupon

I was provided these products for review. All opinions are already know!!

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  1. I’ve heard of this line and have seen it Target! I think I saw it first on I may give it a whirl, next time in the market for some beauty products.

  2. I keep wanting to try this brand, but for some reason I keep talking myself out of it. I need to get that eye roller though. I’ve had dark circles my whole life, so anything that can help is obviously welcome.
    uniquelybrandid recently posted..My new obsession

  3. Love your blog! I’ve been debating about purchasing these products. This review was just what I needed to read. I’m running out to get the dark circle eye cream. This Oil of Olay recommended by one of my friends just isn’t cutting it.
    TJ recently posted..One Day . . .

    1. Yes! It is so cooling naturally I thought if they were frozen they would be extra awesome when the temperatures are soaring!

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