Summertime Hair- Layered Bob

I was driving in the car today and had an epiphany that I need a change, a new look if you will.

As soon as I was certain that I indeed wanted a hair cut I called my stylist and got her VM….TWICE. I did the back to back because it was urgent in my mind at that moment. I then sent her a text, and a Facebook message. I’m still waiting.

I’m glad for the waiting because it gives me time to change my mind but I am more certain now than I was when the epiphany occurred that I indeed want to cut my hair into some sort of layered bob and have a little color thrown in to hide these rampant grays….

I’m going to go with something like this:

bang bob





Ciara 1


Wait for it.

Do you ever get overwhelming feelings to make a drastic change to your look? What did you do?  Did you regret it?!!!

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  1. Those styles are cuuuute! But yes, I like to change my hair often, so I’m honestly a little concerned about my decision to loc my hair. I’m sticking with it though, in hopes that once they get some length I’ll have some nice versatility.
    Christina Jones recently posted..Still On The Move

  2. Love these cuts and the color!!! I enjoy changing my look, sometimes im growing it then the next month I cut it short like Halle Berry, my husband just says whatever makes you happy! LOL..only time I have regret is in that awkward grow out stage.

  3. The bangs I can’t do in the summer but it’s cute for the winter. I need a change myself. I think I am going to do some braids around mothers day or some type of weave to give my real hair a break for a while and try some different things.
    Kita recently posted..Race at such a young age

  4. I loved bangs but this Houston humidity wouldnt let me live! I think im going to try some twistouts or something to get my hair a break. Im natural but I usually get it pressed every two weeks and wear it straight. I need something simple. I love those looks u posted. That color will be nice!!!!!!!
    Law_Fal recently posted..Some type of way….

  5. I love these looks and originally thought I would grow my hair out to this length then start the transition to Natural. I am now in a quandry and thinking about braids again!! HELP!! I think braids would be a great summertime look for me. I know we already talked about this. I say, go for whatever you feel and enjoy the experience. It’s just hair right??
    Shon recently posted..It’s So Me…….

  6. So funny…everyone hates the bangs in the first pic but I LOVE them! I wish I could do a style like that but I just don’t think I could pull it off, since I am in a ponytail almost every day! In the fall I dyed my hair and loved the color for about a month until I saw one too many ladies older than me with a similar color. I want to do something with my hair but cutting is not an option and so I am back to color. I am thinking honey/caramel high lights for the summer!
    Melisa – Mommy This and That recently posted..The Battle of Mae Mae

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