{#OurProject52} Motherhood

Becoming a mother has been my greatest accomplishment two times over. To be honest, these past few months motherhood has really been testing my patience. My son is easing his way toward preteen foolery and my 5 year old thinks she’s 20 on a good day so I’m being tested in these new waters as my children stretch and grow…..and work my nerves.

I enjoy taking photos of them together because as an only child that always wondered what it would be like to have a sibling I enjoy watching them grow, fight and care for each other. These are memories that they will look back upon as they grow older. Here are a few of my favorite photos that I’ve taken of these little personalities that call me Mom.




and for Lashawn, here is one where I actually got in the frame with them….and my dad


Thank you all that continue to link up with us. The link is open for a full week so join in when you can. We are enjoying looking at your interpretations of each week’s theme. Next week, the theme is “framed”

Be sure to head over to see Lashawn and her interpretation of Motherhood. See you next week!

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