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To be totally honest, I’ve been having a hard time getting back in the swing of things and catching up since I was sick. I know I keep mentioning being sick but you know when Mama goes down, heaven help us all. The house is still a wreck, I’m still playing catch up instead of being on top of everything which is where I would prefer to be, but with so many obligations and just needing to take down time when I feel tired things haven’t gotten back on track as of yet but this week for sure.

Our weekends have been full of baseball and soccer games, baking, DIY projects and I got a new haircut.

My new hair was so needed. With a ton of responsibilities and active children, the last thing I want to do is be bothered with my hair. With the length it was so easy for me to just throw in a bun for weeks at a time and I was just over here looking a mess. So 7 inches at my longest layer and 10 at the shortest, I now have a little bob that I don’t have to do much with but give it a little fluff in the morning and go. Kind of excited to see what it will look like as a wash and go now that all of my dead and straight damaged ends are gone. I’ll keep y’all updated on that.

Other than that, we’ve been doing what families do, arguing, living, loving, and maintaining.



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Apple Pie recipe

Come back tomorrow for the recipe



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My mudroom closet is officially under construction


What’s been going on in your world?

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  1. I am in LOVE with your haircut. You are giving me ideas. LOL!

    I know how it can be to try and get some order back after being out due to sickness. I’m still struggling over here as well. But I will say this — I’m not stressing about it. My attitude now is that it’ll get done when it gets done. I can’t say that I sleep well with a dirty kitchen or living just yet, but a door to my laundry room helps me catch some Zs. LOL!
    Carla recently posted..Because It’s Homecoming Week.

    1. I don’t miss my bun yet but I am sure I will in a few weeks but this will force me to do my hair or buy a lot of hats. One or the other!

  2. Absolutely love the hair cut, it looks great on you!!! I wish I had the patience t just let my hair grow I keep cutting it I have never reached bun potential 🙁 the kids are growing up and all that hair on lil ms lady head!! That pie looks scrumptious looking forward to the recipe. Not much going on down here in Florida, we experienced a finch of fall this morning with the low being 66, I didn’t know how to act…LOL boots,sweater and scar was on deck until I went back out at 10:30 and yeah ain’t no fall …..

    1. Girl. You know my husband is from Miami, we hit 52 and he was trying to turn the heat on. Sir, if you don’t put on some sweats and socks!

    1. Thanks Natasha! She went slow cutting and finally I was like just cut it all off! Those busy days are to be enjoyed and cherished for sure but when you are going through them they can be a struggle. We are considering homeschooling for next year so I guess I need to get ready.

  3. Love your hair cut! Glad you’re on the mend. You will be back up and running in no time. Your son is too cute with his braces. Glad you guys are letthing him wear them now as a kid instead of as an adult like me. I wore braces at 30 lol.
    Kurlylicious recently posted..Wordless Wednesday 

    1. Exactly why I am taking my time getting things back in order. I could’ve been around here like crazy woman but I am taking my time and allowing myself to rest when I need to!

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