Finally Breaking Down and Using Credit to Build My Business

This post is sponsored by Lexington Law but all opinions are my own.

As a small business owner I chose to build the early stages of Unlikely Market with cash. However, my desire to move my business in a new direction as well as be more consistent with growing it from a small operation to a larger one, has made me realize that I will need to tap into my credit to make the moves I envision for my business. 

I won’t lie and say it hasn’t been hard to charge large amounts, but it has been an amazing feeling to know that the credit is available to me and that’s because I’ve taken the time to understand how credit works, and be diligent about my overall credit health.

In all honesty my credit has had challenges in the past, to the point that I wasn’t sure how to rebound and was for lack of better words defeated at the thought of what it would take to come back from a few bad decisions and curve balls that life threw us along the way.

One day I took one step, I ordered my credit report. Then I candidly talked to a friend who has excellent credit and asked her for some tips, and from there I became a little obsessed with my score and credit card utilization. From there everything moved on up.

If you are in a position where you don’t know where to start, Lexington Law is an option to look into that offers you help in the areas of credit repair, removal of incorrect items from your credit report, credit coaching, and credit monitoring. Credit is a mix of things, and as I continue to learn it’s quite interesting seeing how all the pieces work together. I have spent my time with Lexington Law learning how to maximize my credit utilization while making sure low balances are reported and that has made such a difference in my score. I’m actually in awe!

Whether you are trying to fund a business, buy a home, a car, or like me looking to open a brick and mortar store in the next year or so you’ll need your credit. Get the help you need so you can achieve those goals. Visit Lexington Law for a free consultation! 


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