Houseplant Decor

Not too far from my house off one of the main highways lies a little warehouse of semi damaged items ranging from furniture to toys. It’s appropriately named Pings and Dings because usually you will find something that couldn’t be sold in the regular store for some minor infraction.

Saturday I stumbled on this beauty, I turned the corner and there she was looking all gold, shiny and pretty. Although, I wasn’t completely sure where her new permanent residence would be in our home, I knew she was coming and I would throw something or the other to curb to make room for her shiny pretty $35 self.

After scanning the SKU I learned it was from the 2015 Target Threshold collection.

houseplant decor

When my friend helped me pick it up to take it to the register, I discovered the bottom was hollow and I immediately thought it would make a great planter, and my intuition was right.

With it not being sealed on the inside I’ll have to take the plant out to water it, and let it drain before placing it back on the two boxes I placed inside to give the plant a little height.

I had a vision of a traditional green plant going in it, but when I came across this burgundy beauty for $10 at Walmart I thought a pop of color would be nice. I’m hoping the light shining through the door and side panels will be enough.

houseplant decor


Houseplant decor


I scraped the popcorn from the ceiling and painted this area a little while after Christmas last year. I still have some paint touchups to do as well as change out the light fixture and add a rug for the entryway to be complete. I’m happy with how it’s coming along.

I’m in love with my new flower baby. There’s so much to do when it comes your houseplants though as well, not just how much water or sunlight you give them, but other things as well. Why don’t you see this article here to give you a better idea of how you can look after your plants better. Do you have houseplants? If so, how do you look after them and how are they helping to decorate your house?





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  1. She’s definitely a beauty. The plant and the gold beauty that is. I have a ton of plant babies some of which still need a pretty pot to sit in. The light your new baby is getting is great. It’s actually more than medium light so rotate her every time you water her.

  2. Love how this came together! The burgundy plant complements the gold perfectly. I don’t have any houseplants but would love a couple faux floor plants now that my little one is 2 1/2 and less likely to eat it. LOL!

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