I’m Getting a Facial..

Remember on my post here, I asked for your advice on facial products to use? Well, I  have still been very lax with my skincare regimen. I wash with soap and water and dab some lotion on it..yes lotion, not to be confused with moisturizer. Well a few weeks ago when we were in Miami and I went to the spa and got a facial I heard some technical terms which basically meant I need to take care of my face and wear sunscreen, and get facials at least every 6 weeks until all of the deep down impurities are removed.

*sigh* Who has money for that? I was ecstatic to wake up today and see that Eversave has a coupon for $19 for a normally priced $45 facial at N’timate Hair Studio and Day Spa.

Oh yes! I am going to get me a facial, and I am going to maintain it unlike last time…somebody hold me accountable..okay? If you are in the Atlanta area, this is a great opportunity to treat yourself to something nice. $20 to let me lay down while some one pampers me..Sign me up.

Speaking of accountability. The esthetician in Miami used a Clairisonic on my face. Thinking about putting that on my list to Santa. Anybody have one? Is it worth the investment?

Are you unlike me and take care of your pretty face. Do dish your secrets.

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  1. Enjoy your facial! I had my first one not too long ago. It was NICE!!! I used to take care of my skin pre-baby. Now my skin is being shady and giving me issues. Would love to hear more about the Clarsonic. So many people swear by it.
    Cam – Bibs & Baubles recently posted..Get Pollen-ated

  2. Just had a facial myself! It was a birthday gift from DH and I fell asleep it was so good and relaxing! My girl massaged my head and arms and legs! It was a spa facial and by the time I left I was feeling so good! I want to try and go every other month.

    She gave me some products to try and said next facial she wanted to get a little more intense and maybe so a peel. We will see…
    Melisa – Mommy This and That recently posted..Stream of Conciousness Sunday: NaNoWriMo

  3. I have never gotten a facial before…much rather have a massage! But my skin has been going through some thangs for the past several months so I may consider a facial just for the experience (and the benefits, of course!).
    Rashida recently posted..Monday Motivation | 12

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