It’s Award Season Part III

New Mom in the Windy City hooked me up with the Kreative Blogger award. Before passing it on, I have to fill out the form and provide you with 7 random things about myself. Here we go.

  • Name your favorite song: We Deserve Each Other’s Love by L.T.D.  and gospel would be Total Praise by Richard Smallwood
  • Name your favorite dessert: Chessecake
  • What pisses you off: a whole lot of things. But to be specific when people try to suggest things to you and their life is spiraling out of control. I just want to say..YOU do not qualify to offer ANY type of advice, feel free to take some.
  • When you’re upset, you: say bad words…I’m getting better at channeling my anger
  • Your favorite pet: All of my past goldfish. Too many to name.
  • Black or white: Gray
  • Your biggest fear:  Failure
  • Best feature: Hair
  • Everyday attitude: Be happy. Have fun. Whatever it is, it will work itself the meantime LIVE. I’ve been miserable before wondering about the what “ifs” NEVER going back there!
  • What is perfection: A easy Sunday afternoon, watching TV and spending time with the family
  • Guilty pleasure: Hood rap music. I know all the words. I’m still a work in progress!

7 Random Things:

1.) I am always thinking about something. My mind never stops.

2.) I attended Florida A&M University for undergrad and earned my MBA from Nova Southeastern University

3.) I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.

4.) I will strike up a conversation with anybody. This is a trait that I have acquired within the past year

5.) I like to color…and no, not like the reference in “Sex in the City” but as in coloring book. Although that type of coloring isn’t bad either *giggles*

6.) My car is always a mess. ALWAYS

7.) My glass is always half full…sometimes

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