Let’s Groove | My Old School Playlist

Growing up all I knew was music. There was a TV and a record player and we’ll just say at a young age I knew how to put the needle on a record to play the song my Mama or Aunts wanted to hear.

I woke up and fell asleep to music as a child. I can still feel the breeze that would come in our high-rise apartment window overlooking D.C. with Anita Baker and the city lights lulling me to sleep, and to this day music is always playing in the background somewhere, even if it’s in my AirPods.

My music taste is all over the place, but my old school jams top the list. They bring back sweet memories, so when people on Instagram always ask me to share my playlists, it was only right that I transfered my old school list from my Napster account to Spotify first.

…and by the way Napster now is not the Napster of old. I got a few messages about that! My husband originally purchased our music streaming service through Rhapsody years ago, and they were purchased by Napster so we’ve just stayed there because I have so many playlists that I don’t want to move over.

Enough about that. I’ve finally taken the time to move my fave playlist over to Spotify for your enjoyment. There is about 5 hours of old school music for your pleasure. Stay tuned for my next playlist!

Thanks for rocking with me…Enjoy.

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