Mommy on the Go Indulgent Snack Pack with Skinny Cow

I think I may have mentioned before that eating is one of the last things on my mind. Once I get  running it is not absurd for me to look up at 1p  and realize that I haven’t eaten anything all day. The odd thing is the realization that I haven’t eaten will hit me when I’m rushing out of the door to pick a child up, or drop a child somewhere. Note I said rushing so the few extra minutes I would need to fix myself something to eat is nonexistent.

It crossed my mind that it would be nice if I took the time to prepare little “Mommy on the Go” indulgent snack bags for me to grab as I head out of the door. A nice little snack pack that is already prepared so that I can just grab and go for those moments when I need a little something indulgent for myself as I wait during lessons or practices.

Found my way to my local Walmart and picked up Skinny Cow® Blissful Truffle Candy Bar, which comes in two flavors – Milk and Dark Chocolate and Skinny Cow® Creamy Iced Coffee.

Skinny Cow Walmart

Skinny Cow Walmart

Ventured over to the refrigerated section for the Mocha Latte flavored Skinny Cow® Creamy Iced Coffee

Skinny Cow Walmart

Once home, I thought about items that I might need to include in my indulgent Mommy Snack Pack. I often have conference calls so I tossed an extra set of earbuds, a notepad, pen, wipes and my Skinny Cow treats in a large resealable bag and stuck a fun label on it for prettiness sake and was out of the door.

If you plan on making these think about what you need to use those few minutes wisely. A pen and paper is a must have that you can use to plan out the next day, or meal plan or just indulge in your treat and take a moment to be still.



As busy moms we know there are very few opportunities to have something for ourselves. These little packs will be all for me! I need to remember to put them up high and/or enjoy my Blissful Truffles when little people are asleep!

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Be sure to check out more deliciousness from Skinny Cow at Walmart. I’d love to hear your favorite Skinny Cow treat!



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