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Mommy on the Go Indulgent Snack Pack with Skinny Cow

I think I may have mentioned before that eating is one of the last things on my mind. Once I get  running it is not absurd for me to look up at 1p  and realize that I haven’t eaten anything all day. The odd thing is the realization that I haven’t eaten will hit me when I’m rushing out of the door to pick a child up, or drop a child somewhere. Note I said rushing so the few extra minutes I would need to fix myself something to eat is nonexistent.

It crossed my mind that it would be nice if I took the time to prepare little “Mommy on the Go” indulgent snack bags for me to grab as I head out of the door. A nice little snack pack that is already prepared so that I can just grab and go for those moments when I need a little something indulgent for myself as I wait during lessons or practices.

Found my way to my local Walmart and picked up Skinny Cow® Blissful Truffle Candy Bar, which comes in two flavors – Milk and Dark Chocolate and Skinny Cow® Creamy Iced Coffee.

Skinny Cow Walmart

Skinny Cow Walmart

Ventured over to the refrigerated section for the Mocha Latte flavored Skinny Cow® Creamy Iced Coffee

Skinny Cow Walmart

Once home, I thought about items that I might need to include in my indulgent Mommy Snack Pack. I often have conference calls so I tossed an extra set of earbuds, a notepad, pen, wipes and my Skinny Cow treats in a large resealable bag and stuck a fun label on it for prettiness sake and was out of the door.

If you plan on making these think about what you need to use those few minutes wisely. A pen and paper is a must have that you can use to plan out the next day, or meal plan or just indulge in your treat and take a moment to be still.



As busy moms we know there are very few opportunities to have something for ourselves. These little packs will be all for me! I need to remember to put them up high and/or enjoy my Blissful Truffles when little people are asleep!

For more information on Skinny Cow® product offerings be sure to follow them on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram.

Be sure to check out more deliciousness from Skinny Cow at Walmart. I’d love to hear your favorite Skinny Cow treat!



DIY Home Living Our Home School Summer

Summer Vacation Week 8

….sigh. Welp, I know I talked all that noise about being ready for the children to go back to school. While I’m still all #TeamBackToSchool, I just wish they could go back and the activities, homework, social calendars etc. would just hold off for a few more weeks.

We have exactly two weeks until the bell rings and I am running around here like crazy trying to get everything decluttered, painted and in some sort of order. My goal is to have the house done, or rather what I plan on having done completed by the end of this week so that next week I can chill.

This week we didn’t do much, we swam and shopped a little. The baby was in Florida so I think we all just chilled and enjoyed the silence. I went and got her on Friday and the turn up has been in full force ever since.

Speaking of shopping I came across some pretty awesome deals. I was in Michael’s going through their clearance and came across this baby.

The original price was $99. It was marked down by 70% to $30 and then I had an additional coupon for 25% off. I paid $23 for this yellow baby. Isn’t she pretty



Found myself in Walmart picking up some stuff for the Homework Space and came across this. Was minding my business looking at school supplies when the lady came over the PA system and said, ” All items on our clearance rack starting at 1:30 are half off the red sticker price.” *Glances at my watch* Oh, it’s 1:45 let me go see what I can see.

Saw this. Paid half off $55. Now to find me a saw horse so I can really be a certified DIYer. Husband is concerned about my eyes and fingers. Told him I got this.


Amazing we’ve been here nearly a year and are finally getting a move on getting the house together. I’m just about done with the hard part of the Homework Space. Now I’m just going around the house trying to repurpose what I can. I’ve found some shelving, a bookcase and a few other knick knacks that will be reworked. The room currently looks like this. I extended the chalk paint above the line that is there. You’ll see the final reveal in a few weeks.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I finally decided on a color to paint Addison’s room and the Mr. got to work. He can have that one, besides I ‘m trying to get the Homework Space ready. Here is the before. Just awful



Disclaimer: This came with the house. My children know better than to write on any wall in here

Mister got up there, bless his heart and thoroughly dusted and wiped down the ledge. I’ll reveal it later this week but as I type this the black is gone and it already looks glorious in there. A hint…the trim didn’t go white.


Well that’s all I have. Nothing spectacular, but the normal. How was your week?


Painting with Disney and Glidden

With our impending move I am really excited to exercise my decorating skills. I will confess I’m not the best painter and add to that my indecisiveness and you have a recipe for disaster. Rooms in this house have been painted up to 5 times so I am happy to give this new line of paint a whirl in our current home to get a feel for it to hopefully avoid a case of the “re paints” in our new home.

Glidden has teamed up with Disney to create a new line of paint that includes 112 exclusive shades and 5 innovative specialty finishes that are affordable and available at your local Walmart. Of the 5,097,129 times that I have shopped for paint, well over half of those gallons were purchased at Walmart. I find their knowledge of paint to be comparable with some of the bigger home improvement chains not to mention the convenience since I spend a ton of time in Walmart. If you are interested in seeing if your Walmart carries this brand please visit where there is a store locator along with additional information regarding this line of paint.


In the best interest of children there are quite a few impressive qualities about this new line of paint to include:

  1. Low odor and no VOCs
  2. Ultra durable, and able to withstand wear and tear along with repeated scrubs and washes. Scuffs, crayon and pencil marks, finger prints and tough stains wash off without removing the magical color.
  3. Complementary color palette that easily matches Walmart’s Disney bedding and Disney room accessories, such as furniture, toys and décor options, sold in store or online.

One afternoon Addison and I headed out to our local Walmart  in search of paint colors and a specialty finish. I let her take a look over the swatches and gave her the chance to pick out her favorite colors. Maaaaan, she was worse than an adult.

Disney Glidden Paint

  • Disney Glidden Paint

Amongst the swatches were helpful pamphlets to give you decorating ideas and the tools you would need to execute illustrated designs.

Disney Glidden Paint

Disney Glidden Paint

 She was overly excited at all of the colors and I even used the process as a learning opportunity asking her to name the colors of the swatches that she liked.

Disney Glidden Paint

We finally decided on a shade of pink and the Ready, Set, Glow glow in the dark specialty finish, and headed over just two aisles where the Disney paint was shelved.

Disney Glidden Paint


Unfortunately they didn’t have the specialty finish available at my store, but my bloggy BFF Trina grabbed some for me from her Walmart.

Disney Glidden Ready Set Glow

Now to see the masterpiece that will unfold you will have to wait…..*insert semi evil glamfairy laugh*

Compensation and products for review were provided by Glidden via MomTrends.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Glidden.