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I have frequently received questions regarding the hair care regimen I use for my daughter’s hair. I shall disclose that I am so far from being any type of expert when it comes to doing hair of any type but what I do know is life will force us to become some what efficient in the things that must be done….won’t it?

It has definitely taken me some time to perfect a regimen that works and minimizes meltdowns of epic proportions on wash day. If one thing I say in this post can help you from curling up in the fetal position at the thought of washing your child’s hair,  my monthly hosting fee to Go Daddy has not gone in vain….

Natural Hair Kids

My daughter has extremely dry and tangled hair and she is fearful of water falling in her eyes so I find it easier to lay her on the counter and wash her hair in the kitchen sink rather than in the tub.

Natural Hair Kids

Natural Hair Kids

I wash her hair in sections and gently finger detangle each section as I work the shampoo and conditioner through it. Key word…GENTLY. When I have completed one section I twist it and move on to the next, keeping it detangled while working on the others.

Natural Hair Kids

I am currently washing and conditioning her hair with Curls Unleashed. I was only washing her hair with conditioner ie. co-washing it until I found this shampoo. It doesn’t dry her hair as much as other shampoos. I still only use it once a month to get the build up off. The other times I just use the conditioner and a bit of coconut oil.

Curls Unleashed

After (sometimes) shampooing and conditioning her hair, I gently comb through random sections with a wide toothed comb detangling from the ends and moving up. Again, when I’m done I twist the sections to keep them detangled until I am ready to style.

Natural Hair Kids

See this face. At one point it would be riddled with tears at the end of the process but I have found the key to a successful wash day is to detangle the entire time, not just waiting until the end. Believe it or not through each step the detangling is still needed, which is why I find it extremley important to minimize damage and maximize sanity by doing it as you go along.

Natural Hair Kids

Do you have any additional tips to add? Does the thought of washing your child’s hair make you want to cry? How often do you wash your child’s hair? What products are you using?

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  1. I wash her hair every two weeks. She use to be afraid of the water but I promise her candy after she is done and that helps. I just wash with whatever shampoo I have (normally cream of nature) condition her hair for about an hour which softens it up. I rinse then spray some detangler on it that I got from Sally’s that works miracles on her hair blow dry it out and flat iron it. The whole process….3 hours *sigh*
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  2. I try to shampoo Kay’s hair once a week. I use whatever shampoo & conditioner that I’m using. I usually do it while she’s in the shower. Once I’m done I comb through some of Miss Jessie’s Baby Butter Crème and part into four and plat & let it dry overnight.

  3. I’m always looking for new products for Madison’s hair. I wash her hair every week and now twice a week since she has swimming during the week. Madi hates getting her hair washed, combed, brushed you name it. I have to be very gentle when detangling which I do after she gets out of the tub (mistake #1). I use shampoo, conditioner and moisturizing cream by Beautiful Textures which I think works ok. I use coconut oil occasionally. I add moisturizing cream every morning when I do her hair for school (she comes home looking like she let all her friends play in it) and I try to brush it before bed but that rarely happens. We need to get her hair trimmed her ends are horrible. I also have noticed that mid-week she says her hair is itchy, ugh!
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  4. I wash my daughter’s hair every week. Right now I’m using this argan oil shampoo and conditioner that I found at Sally’s. I absolutely dread wash day. My flat twist are starting to look better but I really need to learn to braid. I think I’m going to try doing the mini twists this weekend.
    Tia recently posted..Wordy Wednesday

  5. That’s pretty much our process too. We get it done in the kitchen sink because my girls FLIPS OUT if the water falls in her face. I detangle with my hands and finger comb in the conditioner. I use suave kids shampoo. The 2-1 kind with the conditioner. It seems great and it doesn’t dry out her hair at all.
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  6. When my son had hair, I washed it every other day. I would spray it with water to make it damp, then finger dentangled using coconut oil. I would then add Shescentit Avocado conditioner and toss him in the bath and comb it through. Then I would Rinse out the conditioner, then add Shescentit creamy leave-in conditioner and it airdry. He had no issues with me combing his hair but I would only comb it on wash day and wet.
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  7. Funny you posted this, I was thinking of posting something about toddler hair issues. I don’t have a set washing schedule with my 2 year old. Her hair has grown a lot but nothing like your daughters yet.I have at least quit the daily tub washing but I’m thinking of a twice a week washing for now. I braid it up for a few days then take it out.

    As she gets older and her hair grows more I will reduce the washing frequency.
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  8. Oh, I needed to read this post! As you know I have three girls, so, yeah, hair and doing hair is something that has become a big part of my life as a mom. My youngest is still too young for me to do anything/have to do anything to her hair. But my two oldest? Well, yeah. I think what helps me is to keep their hair in protective styles and to make sure that I’m gentle and don’t rush.
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  9. She is too too cute! I think I saw an IG or blog post pic of yours previously with your daughter on the counter, and I started doing the same. It lessened the tears but didn’t eliminate them but I’ll take it for now! I have to move extremely quickly washing my 3 1/2 year old’s hair. I’d LOVE to detangle along the way, but she’s extremely impatient with anything hair related especially feeling vulnerable on her back. Ughhh! I’m just so thankful the next one a boy cause I don’t think I could go through this again.
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  10. Addy’s hair is so thick and beautiful! I wash my dailughter’s hair once a week, but I’m seriously thinking about doing a no poo for her. We wash in the shower find that causes extra time in the shower but I cannot get her hair washed any over way. Zee doesn’t like getting water in her eyes either, come to think of it, neither do I. I know where she gets it from 🙂
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