Black Butterfly

Last week I had a moment. And I took it.

No matter what we know about how great we are, and how joyful certain areas of our lives are, *insert a random insecurity* always seems to creep in.

I reached out to a friend last week, I’d been putting it off not wanting to bother her but finally did, and I’m so happy I followed through.

Early on in our conversation I mentioned that I had set a self-imposed timeline on myself to accomplish a few things, and at the end of our call she recalled my statement and reminded me in a nutshell that placing the pressure of time on ourselves isn’t necessary. It’s only necessary that we give our all to whatever that thing, that dream is consistently. Time will pass and as long as we strive towards the goal daily, we are doing just fine.

In case you needed that word like I did… keep moving!

…and here’s my favorite verse from Deniece Williams’ song “Black Butterfly”…it seems fitting all the way around!

Black Butterfly, sail across the waters
Tell your sons and daughters what the struggle brings
Black Butterfly, set the skies on fire
Rise up even higher
So the wind can catch your wings

Go Fly, friends!

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