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Weekend Wrap Up


I hope you and your family have a great new year. I am glad the new year is here and I am ready to hit the ground running.

This weekend was rather low key considering it was New Years.

With the start of the new year I felt it necessary to get a new look…This is only a small portion of what hit the floor.


After that was said and done, I started off the weekend by attending the Pre New Years Eve Bash hosted by Lexi and Danielle of Curls, Coils and Kinks and The Style and Beauty Doctor respectfully. The event was held at Sole Boutique here in Atlanta at Atlantic Station. Cute space. They even offered a 30% off deal but there were too many people there and I have to focus when I make purchases. I’ll definitely be back though.



I spied my blog buddies Fran of Bossy Girl and Kita of Say What You Wanna


IMG_0099.jpgThe red bag in my hand…all kinds of good swag. I’ll post tomorrow.


Hostess Lexi and I

Trina and I shut it down and then headed over to California Pizza Kitchen for some dinner.

IMG_0120.jpgI’m linking up with Glamamom for Monday Mingle. I wore:

IMG_0109.jpgBlouse: Thrifted Gray Sweater: T.J. Maxx Blazer: Thrifted Belt: Thrifted

Socks: T.J. Maxx Shoes: Ross

Saturday morning, I headed out to drop some shirts off to a lady who will be adding Swarvoski crystals to a shirt design. Headed back home for a day of cleaning and grocery shopping. As evening fell I decided the kids and I would head out to church, and the Mr. went to see some friends who were in town. Sad for us, when we got to church no one was there. Our church has two campuses and evidently I missed the memo. So we headed back home and I counted down and kissed my babies for the new year.

Sunday, we took my stepdaughter home. I came home and whipped up the obligatory collard greens along with some chicken and potato salad for dinner. I must say it was good. I’m going to be domestic yet.

How was your New Years? Were you a party animal, church goer or homebody? I wanna know!!

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Happy Monday!!

Hey there. Hope all is well.

First things first. I must announce the winner for the UK Style giveaway. Thank you to everyone who participated. *drum roll* The winner is…….

True Random Number Generator

13 Powered by RANDOM.ORG

13 translates into: Prototype Mama! This Fab Mama said she would rock her dress out to her best friends birthday bash! Congrats!!

In other news:

The summer is wrapping up for us and I am looking forward to everything going back to normal. School here starts on August 1, so I am in the process of getting Lil Man ready for Kindergarten *sniffles*  I can’t believe it. He is really pressing the issue about riding the school bus and I’m just not sure. Furthermore I’m stressing because I want to pack him lunches and send him with a lunchbox and smiley face notes. His dad says that’s lame. Is it?

Lil Mama left on Saturday morning to spend some time with her godmother in Fl. I miss her, but I was becoming a little unraveled. I needed a few days to myself. She’ll be back tomorrow. I will be refreshed by then.  Lil Mama is growing so fast, and has turned into quite the bully. Slapping and biting are her weapons of choice.

Well, after completing the 10K I have decided in an effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle I am going to start training for a half marathon. YES 13.1 miles. Me. <–. The plan is to do two. One in Savannah in November and the Disney Princess in February. I’m going to really keep track of my progress on the blog through a new app I found for my know accountability. With you all watching me, I will feel like a failure if I slack off and don’t go through with it. Don’t let me fall off. Okay?

I haven’t been taking as many photos as I would like trying to keep peace in the house with the kids. I did order some business cards from this site called Moo. If you need cards you have to go there. The quality is awesome and they are very reasonable.

Welp, that’s enough of my ramblings. How was your weekend?