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My Fall Decor Must Haves

Thank you to Sengled Smart Light Bulbs for partnering with Unlikely Martha

Fall is my absolute favorite season of the year. Earth tones, chilled air, annual trips to the pumpkin patch and apple orchard are some of our annual family moments that I cherish and look forward to every year. Although the first official day of fall doesn’t occur until September 22, my mind has been in fall mode for a few weeks and now that Labor Day has passed I’m on a mission to start transforming our home into a comfy haven.

We’re moving into a season of spending more time indoors and entertaining. Whether I’m entertaining myself or family, cozying up on the couch with a throw, watching a good movie or having a little nip and sip with some jazz playing in the background is the calm after a busy summer that I am looking forward to. There are a few things that I absolutely need to consider my home cozy and in no particular order they include mood lighting, music, candles and comfortable blankets and pillows.

Fall Inspired Textiles

I am thinking of purchasing a blanket ladder or cute basket for our throws. I love when we all cuddle together as a family to watch TV, and to keep folks from dragging blankets from their beds I just like to have a few on hand specifically for the living room area.


Mood Lighting

I love dimmed lighting. We have a dimmer on the island lights in our kitchen. After the kitchen is clean and the kids have gone to bed I often dim them, something about the glow seems to enhance the fact that the day is winding down and time for a little relaxation.

While our kitchen is open to the living room and I can get the glow in the living room, we’ve since installed two Sengled Pulse light bulbs that offer a full dimmed light experience in the living area, and they also play music  via bluetooth from an app on my phone.

Sengled Light bulbs

Yes! The bulbs play music. They are also capable of other things like being connected to the television to offer surround sound which is something we plan to add in the coming weeks with the Pulse Link.

We’ve also replaced the bulb in our reading nook with the Sengled Twilight light bulb.  With normal use it is said to last for 20 years. So yes for not having to continue to purchase light bulbs.

The last of our lighting transitions occurred in our bedroom where I installed the Sengled Element Plus bulbs. Love these bulbs because I can select how warm or cool the light shines, and schedule the lights to dim or come on and shut off automatically at a certain time. Every night at 10:30 they dim, and at 11:15p they shut off for the night. This feature has been really great for forcing me to go to bed at night. As the nights get cooler I see this being an extra comfy feature. I think it is time to get a new fall inspired comforter to up the cozy factor.

Sengled Light bulbs

Here’s a short clip showing the interaction between the app and the lightbulb. I don’t care how much technology we are exposed to there are some things that still blow my mind when it comes to  capabilities.

Fave Fall Scents

Smells are another thing that can easily make your house cozy. Nothing like walking into a space and saying it smells good in here. I don’t like sweet smells so I stick to more amber and patchouli varieties during the fall season. I’ve already started stashing candles as I find them on sale. Leaves by Bath and Body Works is one scent in particular that I will not burn until it is officially fall. It really makes things official for me.

In the coming weeks as so many people start to rebuild and make sense of their new normals post hurricanes Harvey and Irma lets remember to keep those in need in our thoughts and send aid as we see fit.



Dollar Tree Hair Products
Beauty Hair Video

My 7 Favorite Dollar Tree Hair Products + Video

Dollar Tree and I have a special connection. Most recently outside of organizational and stationery items I have been using some Dollar Tree hair products, and for the price I’ve been overly pleased. My obsession for Dollar Tree expanded into the hair category as a result of my daughter constantly taking the brushes and products I use on her hair and using them on her dolls.

Ever tried to use a brush with matted doll hair in it? Or go to use your gel and it is sticky because the top was left off. Something had to give so I decided to give some of the Dollar Tree items a try. I still use brand name shampoo, conditioner, and leave in for washing.

In no particular order, these are my absolute favorite Dollar Tree hair products and essentials:

I. Combs + Brushes

We can’t keep enough of these around. I even found one that has a tiny little razor blade that you can use to cut the little black rubber bands that hold ponytails.

II. Argan Oil Gel

The smell of the Softee brand of Argan Oil Gel is amazing. Not too mention it will lay, slay and get some edges all the way together with no flaking and it contains no alcohol.

III. Hair Accessories

Dollar Tree is the absolute best place for hair accessories. The lifespan of a headband, or hair bow around here is about a week. Spending  $1 on cute ones just seems logical. There are times whenthe higher end brands like Goody and Scuncii find their way into the Dollar Tree. When you see them, buy ALL of them, or at least one of each. I find these to be incredible deals and worth the splurge.

IV. Storage

Dollar Tree keeps good storage options, I use the little sliding drawers to hold mini rubber bands. I had a bad experience with those and beads. We now keep those in a sealed container for my sanity.

Check out how I organize her hair accessories with Dollar Tree items HERE

Dollar Tree Organization


V. Shower Caps

Shower caps in my house come at a premium. You would think with just my daughter and I utilizing them that we wouldn’t have a problem. The reality is we lose shower caps, a lot.

VI. Bobby Pins

I can never find them when I need them. NEVER. With 72 GOOD bobby pins in a pack for $1, I keep a stash of them on hand.

VII. Hair Clips

When detangling, styling and braiding hair it is essential to keep the unused hair out of the way. The clips at Dollar Tree aren’t as sturdy as ones you may get from Sally’s but they get the job done. They normally come 4-5 in a pack for $1. Can’t beat that.

I’ve also uploaded a video to Youtube sharing these favorites. Be sure to subscribe to my channel!


DIY Bed Canopy
DIY Home Video

DIY Bed Net Canopy

On a Friday evening trip to Ikea, my daughter spotted a bed net canopy and in her very best begging voice pleaded her case for me to shell over $20 for something I knew I could make for under $10.

I was right.

Once we made it down to the first floor in Ikea, I spotted the exact same sheers used in the bed net canopy upstairs in the curtain and fabric section. They came two in a pack for $4.99.

Armed with a few additional supplies, her net was completed in under 30 minutes and the tab came in under $10.

To make one of your own you will need.

DIY bed canopy


A pack of Ikea LILL curtains

A medium quilting ring (purchased from Michaels for $2.99)

Ribbon or String

Ceiling Hook

Spraypaint (optional)


I. Start with removing the inner ring of the quilting ring from the outer by untwisting the screw until the outer rings disconnect.

DIY bed canopy


DIY bed canopy


DIY bed canopy


II. Once the rings are detached, carefully string the curtains onto the rings. If you choose not to spray paint the rings, the wood will catch the fabric on the curtains so be careful not to tear or rip the fabric.


DIY bed canopy


III. Once you have strung both panels onto the outer ring. Measure out your string or ribbon to the length desired. Keep in mind  a knot will have to be added so account for that when measuring. Once you have your measurement in mind. Loop knot three ribbons or strings onto the ring.


DIY bed canopy


DIY bed canopy


IV.  Once they have been attached to the ring. Collect them together and make a knot at the top.


DIY bed canopy


V. Now, place the inner ring back into the outer one, making sure the fabric is hanging how you want. Then tighten the screw to connect the two rings.


DIY bed canopy


VI. Put your ceiling hook in place and affix the knot onto the hook. I recommend screwing the hook into a drywall anchor to ensure it stays. Ask me how I know.

DIY Bed Canopy


DIY Bed Canopy


Need a visual?! Addison is on Youtube showing how it’s done

Dollar Tree Garden Haul
Gardening Video

Start Your Garden with 5 Simple Dollar Tree Essentials

When I tell you there is nothing like planting a seed in the dirt and seeing something grow from it. I had never likened myself to be the gardening type until I planted something and it grew!

Since then, the countdown to early Spring is real. The past few years I have strictly stuck to container gardening but I am looking to branch out into square foot gardening this year.

To get my seedlings started I picked up a few items from Dollar Tree. Whether you are going to grow in containers or in a bed it’s a good idea to start seeds indoors early.

There are so many resources to offer you help if you feel like you have a brown thumb that you want to grow into a green one. I’ve recently joined the We Sow, We Grow Facebook group and am loving the community as it is a mashup of newbie and seasoned gardeners connecting to offer support and answer questions.

If you are halfway interested in starting a garden and don’t want to spend a ton of money here are a few items you can get for less than $10 to get your garden started.

Dollar Tree Garden Haul

Seeds At your local store seeds can cost upwards of $2 per pack. At Dollar Tree you can grab them 4 for $1.  The selection isn’t huge but for the basics this is a great start.

Weed Barrier Since I am square foot gardening with boxes, I will need to lie down  a weed barrier. These are just $1 a pack compared to $4.99 and above. The size is about 4″ X 8″, perfect for smaller spaces. My boxes will be 4″ X 4″ so this is perfect.

Plant Labels When you plant your seedlings, you want to make sure you remember what you planted, these are great for marking seedlings. I’ve seen these go for about $5 at Target. If they happen to be sold out, popsicle craft sticks work just as well.

Pots We won’t even get into how much pots can cost. They add up quickly. Bought quite a few for my lettuce and herbs. While plastic and not the prettiest, they will certainly get the job done.

Garden Gloves For $1 these things are clutch. I’ve had my pair since last year. The underside is made of latex to keep your hands from feeling water or wet dirt. Grab a few of these.

Dirt is the only item not on this list. I don’t suggest picking that up from Dollar Tree but instead heading out to a garden center for soil that has been enriched with the nutrients and fertilizer seedlings need to grow strong.

If you haven’t a clue of what to do next after gathering your supplies this post and this post will help you out.

If you want to see me talk you through this Dollar Tree haul, click below!

Are you into gardening? If so, what are you growing?