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My 7 Favorite Dollar Tree Hair Products + Video

Dollar Tree and I have a special connection. Most recently outside of organizational and stationery items I have been using some Dollar Tree hair products, and for the price I’ve been overly pleased. My obsession for Dollar Tree expanded into the hair category as a result of my daughter constantly taking the brushes and products I use on her hair and using them on her dolls.

Ever tried to use a brush with matted doll hair in it? Or go to use your gel and it is sticky because the top was left off. Something had to give so I decided to give some of the Dollar Tree items a try. I still use brand name shampoo, conditioner, and leave in for washing.

In no particular order, these are my absolute favorite Dollar Tree hair products and essentials:

I. Combs + Brushes

We can’t keep enough of these around. I even found one that has a tiny little razor blade that you can use to cut the little black rubber bands that hold ponytails.

II. Argan Oil Gel

The smell of the Softee brand of Argan Oil Gel is amazing. Not too mention it will lay, slay and get some edges all the way together with no flaking and it contains no alcohol.

III. Hair Accessories

Dollar Tree is the absolute best place for hair accessories. The lifespan of a headband, or hair bow around here is about a week. Spending  $1 on cute ones just seems logical. There are times whenthe higher end brands like Goody and Scuncii find their way into the Dollar Tree. When you see them, buy ALL of them, or at least one of each. I find these to be incredible deals and worth the splurge.

IV. Storage

Dollar Tree keeps good storage options, I use the little sliding drawers to hold mini rubber bands. I had a bad experience with those and beads. We now keep those in a sealed container for my sanity.

Check out how I organize her hair accessories with Dollar Tree items HERE

Dollar Tree Organization


V. Shower Caps

Shower caps in my house come at a premium. You would think with just my daughter and I utilizing them that we wouldn’t have a problem. The reality is we lose shower caps, a lot.

VI. Bobby Pins

I can never find them when I need them. NEVER. With 72 GOOD bobby pins in a pack for $1, I keep a stash of them on hand.

VII. Hair Clips

When detangling, styling and braiding hair it is essential to keep the unused hair out of the way. The clips at Dollar Tree aren’t as sturdy as ones you may get from Sally’s but they get the job done. They normally come 4-5 in a pack for $1. Can’t beat that.

I’ve also uploaded a video to Youtube sharing these favorites. Be sure to subscribe to my channel!


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  1. Never thought to go in to the Dollar Tree for those items, but now I will!

    My baby loses hairbows, before we walk out the door and being natural, I always need bobby pins.

  2. I love the dollar tree!! Lol. I have a mild obsession. It’s really about around Christmas. But my go to hair products are flexirods and headbands. Still working on the Bobby pins I got a few months ago.

  3. This will keep my hair looking great on a budget, thanks for this post! I go to the dollar tree for a lot of my toiletry needs anyways so it’s good to see I can continue doing so.

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