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A Week in the Life of.. You Might Need a “Drank” Edition

This week was pretty decent but for lack of better words I was just plain out ditzy. I’m not sure what was going on. But I found it to be rather hilarious.

The keyfob to unlock my door has been needing a new battery for quite some time. Well the other day the battery died and the doors wouldn’t unlock. I had a fit, started looking for the AAA card to have someone come unlock the door for me when I realized…uhhhh there is a key hole on the door that is used to manually stick the key in and turn. Gosh darnit and wouldn’t you know its main  purpose in life is to unlock the door. Technology has surely made the obvious invisible. 

 I go to Marshall’s and take the Mr.’s car. I come out out of the store and my heart starts racing. I’m looking up and down the parking lot, I’m walking around in circles in the middle of the street until it dawns on me that I didn’t drive my car, I drove his…and yes the children were with me.

I’m cooking a recipe and it called for 1/8 tsp of Nutmeg. Well I only had the 1/4 measuring spoon. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out if 1/8 was smaller or larger than 1/4… As I type this I still don’t know. But lets just say the dish seemed extra nutmeg”y”. For all intensive purposes fractions have never been my thing.

I went to wash my hair and couldn’t find the shampoo. Looked high and low, never washed my hair only to realize it was hiding between the shower curtain and the liner.

Having yet to learn my lesson, I go to the store without a list and purchase a third bottle of bleach.

In other news:

Baby starting standing this week. *wahhhhhhhhhhh* I don’t want her to grow up. However it is so much fun to see her discover new things…most of which go in her mouth.

I got some major things accomplished with Divinitee. I am still in major need of capital so I’mma get real creative. I’m about to sell all of this baby “stuff” around her and with the proceeds standing as business capital I hope to start a small amount of inventory. The response has been growing and although my initial plan was not to keep inventory it seems there is no way around it. Who needs an investor when you have a daycare center worth of baby swings, Bumbos, bouncey seats…..laying around.

The weather here has been the PITS. Raining and cold not to mention the hail and awful thunderstorms we had for like three days straight. AWFUL. Messed up my running schedule but I did manage to get in 3 days. I got my number to run in the annual Peachtree Road Race which will take place on July 4. I am one of 60K and nearly 2K were not taken..I feel speeeeecial about that. Now I really have good reason to get out and run. I start the Couch to 10K training program TODAY.

Enough of my madness. How was your week? Do share your ditzy moments from the past week…please!

Lil Man My Babies Week in the Life Of

2 Weeks in the Life Of….

Yeah, I didn’t get to it last week so you get a double dose this week.

Things around here have been quite normal *knock on wood*. Everyone is in good health, all the bills have been paid with a teeny bit left over. I’m thankful.

On the other hand..

My housework and grocery shopping skills have been the pits.  I haven’t cooked much but no one is starving, we drank water all week, because I didn’t feel like going to the store for juice..H20 is good for you anyway. Everyone had clean clothes although they had to dig them out of the laundry basket because I didn’t get around to folding them. I took the week off…no it wasn’t planned but I was tired and didn’t feel like it.

I’ve had some pretty good times these past two weeks, maybe too much, and the snowball effect of it has been manifested in my lackluster homemaking skills..who knows and furthermore who cares.

March 10, the awesome young lady who hooked me up with the Mr. was having a birthday dinner. Being that I am forever indebted to her I got myself down to Benihana and had dinner with her.


My first college roomate and I


Roomie and I with the birthday girl

 That following Saturday I headed out to help Niya and Candy Cake Co. sell cake truffle pops at the Atlanta St. Patrick’s Day parade.

Picnik collage

Sunday the 13th Lil Man had his first recital. He did so well. I am very proud of him. Prior to heading out to the recital I had a moment thinking about how proud of him my mother would have been. I shed a few tears and we headed out. I know she was watching him.



All smiles for our piano player

 So in a nut shell that’s been my last two weeks. Whatchu been up to?

Me My Babies Week in the Life Of

Week in the Life Of….

Well another week has come to a close, and I must say it was rather uneventful. Productive you ask? Nope, I wouldn’t go that far but I did manage to get the laundry caught up…can I get a Woot Woot for that.

Last weekend, I went shopping for a few items for spring and did manage to find a few things that met all of my criteria: 1.) Must be on sale 2.) Must be “mommy” fly and 3.)  must be cheap

Lil Man was out of school Monday and Tuesday. Yes, he talked us silly. Bless his heart he has so much to say. I love him! I took them to the park everyday since the weather here has been holding steady in the 70’s and let him run himself tired…because remember when his eyes shut so does his mouth.

Addison slept well this week, but for some reason or another I am still on her waking every 3 hour schedule. Not.a.good.look. I am setting a bedtime for myself next week. blogging, no tweeting, no reading only sleeping. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Part of the reason I wasn’t sleeping is because I was reading a book. Not on the iPad but an actual book. Couldn’t put it down, each page was begging to be turned and I obliged from 12a to 4a two nights last week. It was for a good cause, the book was excellent. The name of it was Little Bee by Chris Cleave. My goal is to read at least 1 book a month so I was hardpressed to get it in before the end of the month but it was an easy read. So I am pushing my luck to finish another before next week. I am now reading, Jump at the Sun by Kim McLarin. I vow to read this book and adhere to my new bedtime stated before I’ll let you know how that goes. I’ve even added a little widget to your left that will keep you in the know on what I’m reading.

Speaking of reading, remember when I went on and on about how much I loved magazines and I traded in my frequent flier miles for magazine subscriptions? Well this week a whopping 4 glossy mags found their way into my mailbox. Sad thing is I haven’t read the other ten that came in December and January.  I’mma get to them…juuuuuuust like I’mma get around to mopping that kitchen floor…one day.

Please note the 3 Cosmo's and 2 Marie Claires on the iPad *SMH*

Wait for it…Wait for it. Go Shorty it’s My Birfday..not today but on next Wednesday. On 3/2 I will be 32. I’m comfortable in my 30’s now, I just didn’t realize that my birthday was around the corner until everyone kept asking me what my plans were. I don’t know what I will be doing  but I do know it will involve drinking and a short dress #dontjudgeme. Okay, I am exagerating, more like a glass of wine since I am still a nursing mama, but hold me to my word on that dress. Now, do I celebrate this weekend or next, or both. Don’t worry you’ll get all of the deets and non incriminating photos!

How was your week? Any big plans for the weekend?

Week in the Life Of

A Week in the Life Of….

I have been thinking about my mother alot lately. Not in a sad way but just wishing she was here for me to grab a spot at the bottom of her bed, curl up and fire off all of the randomness in my head and get her honest opinions. She has been gone nearly three years. Maybe it is high time I go and visit her grave, which I have never been back to and get a few things off of my chest. Might be good for the soul.

This week I have also found myself in my thoughts about my next steps. I go through this every month or so. Within the span of a week, I have thought about going back to work, looking into freelance writing, mapping out my next steps for Divinitee, along with a plethora of other things and not in that particular order. What’s next? What am I supposed to be doing? I have tossed these scenarios around and around in my head and have yet to get a clue. In my thoughts I have come to the conclusion that I feel disconnected from God. I am not a Bible verse spewing individual but it is no clue if you have been here long enough that I am a believer.

At one point these thoughts would have never taken hold, because I always believed that God had the ultimate control in my life and whatever I was supposed to do, or wherever I was supposed to be He would make sure it came to fruition. This place of turmoil and unrest is not of God and I need to fix it. Its a process but I need to take the first step and start reading my Bible more and drawing near…I need to be able to hear the still small voice above my ramblings. I need to spend time with Him daily in the morning before I start my day and get back to a place of resting in Him. This is placed at the top of my to do list. NOTHING will get started daily until I take out this time. Its important and I need it.

Sooo..I am waiting in the carpool line to pick up my son the other day when I heard “Order My Steps” on the radio. I haven’t hear that song in For.ever. I took that as a sign that God is telling me to chill out and let Him do the directing..I think I will!

Do you ever get all loopy and crazy about what you are supposed to be doing? What is your remedy or safe haven from your own thoughts?!