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How I Plan to Read 100 Books in a Year

I’ve set quite a lofty goal, influenced by a little peer pressure to read 100 hundred books this year. That averages out to about a little over 8 books a month. The issue is I’m busy, and while I love to read this is going to require a little bit of strategy.

When I announced my goal on Instagram, I was surprised at the response I received from people who were ready to set their own reading goals, some not as lofty as mine, but I was happy to have influenced folks to grab a book or few this year.

I’ve been thinking about how I’m going to accomplish this goal, seeing as how I’ve thrown it into the universe… and accountability is key. I’ve been using GoodReads to keep track of what I want to read, what I’ve read, and I also use it to keep an eye on my competition. You can follow me here!

I plan on doing a monthly wrap-up post of the books I read, along with my thoughts and recommendations. I’m excited about this challenge and reading a lot of books this year. Who knows, I might even surpass my goal.

Here’s how I plan on meeting my reading goal for the year:

  1. Read at least an hour in the morning and in the evening.
  2. Try to read at least two books at a time, one short and one long.
  3. Utilize the Hoopla app which allows me to listen to books for free through my local library. ( Check to see if your library system offer this option before resorting to Audible)
  4. Stay up to date with my neighborhood book club reads. I enjoy our monthly meetings, not to mention these are 12 books I’m obligated to read.
  5. When I feel unmotivated visit the library or the bookstore. If you love books then you totally get how this can jumpstart a rut.
  6. Utilize the library more, nothing fuels a rush to finish a book than having to return it before you finish.
  7. If I don’t like a book by page 100, I’m going to ditch it. Nothing kills my momentum more than getting caught up in a bad book.
  8. Replace mindless social media scrolling with reading.
  9. Listen to audiobooks when I clean, grocery shop, do drop-offs, etc.
  10. Include a variety of genres. I’m smitten with historical fiction and memoirs, but I plan to expand to include YA, and some other genres I wouldn’t normally read.
  11. Dedicate Sundays to reading when I can.

Hopefully you’ll be inspired to start your own reading challenge this year, whether it be 10 books or 50, reading is a great way to escape into another world, learn something new, or be encouraged.

If you are planning to start your own challenge be sure to find me on GoodReads so we can hold each other accountable.

What’s on your reading list?!


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    January 16, 2020 at 3:44 pm

    Soooo I def have reading on my goals for 2020. I’m currently reading a book by my friend; and Successful women think different by Valerie Burton and Don’t settle for safe by Sarah Jakes Roberts. My goal is to read 25 which is about 2 a month. It’s not much but it’s a goal and hopefully I can surpass it. Cheers to good reading my friend!

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