how to hang a gallery wall
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How to Hang a Gallery Wall

February 15, 2017

A few months back, I finally got around to arranging the  9 frames that I picked up from Michael’s on my wall into a 3X3 grid for a gallery wall.

Being very conservative let’s just say the frames sat for 3 months with nothing in them. One day while glancing at them I grabbed my computer right then and set about ordering prints to go in them. I finally settled on going with 5 X 5 prints as I thought the matte would be a nice touch.

Can we say I have so many pictures, thankfully most are organized so I had a easy time finding them based on my photo storage method. With so many to choose from instead of getting overwhelmed I just grabbed a few that jumped out at me through the Instagram link method on Walmart’s website to just assess the quality of the photos before taking out the time to really dig in and find all of my favorites throughout the years.

Unfortunately due to the size they were not available for immediate pick up. I had to wait a few days for them to go site to store but for a little over $4 for 9 photos I was impressed with the quality.

Once the photos were finally in hand, I set about putting them in the frames. Here are a few tips to make life a little easy when setting up your gallery wall.

Gallery wall


  • Measure the entire area where you will be hanging your photos. You’ll need to do a little math to determine where the center of the wall is. Once I found that number in inches I hung the middle of my middle frame there and worked out.  That being said it SEEMS to be easier to work with an odd number, but whatever works for you.


Gallery Wall


  • Once you determine where you will be hanging put a piece of tape over the hanger on the back of the frame and put a hole in the tape  where the nail should go.
  • Put all of your pieces of tape on the wall. If you are unlike me, now would be the time to make sure things are level. LEVEL AT THIS POINT and make any adjustments
  • Now put a nail where that tiny hole in the tape is.
  • Do not insert a 7 month gap between here and putting pictures in the frame.
  • Before putting pictures in the frame, be sure to clean the glass well


how to hang a gallery wall


  • Put in your print and determine where you want it. Once that is determined add a small piece of tape to the top to keep the print from shifting.


how to hang a gallery wall


  • H A N G!


how to hang a gallery wall


Now that I am certain of the quality of the prints and I am happy with a mix of color and black and white prints I can go through all of my photos and really pull out my favorites, most of these are just place holders for now. I’ll be back to show you the final photo selections.


how to hang a gallery wall


how to hang a gallery wall

It might be 6 months from now, but I’ll be back with the absolute finished product!

Have you ever hung a gallery wall? Will you attempt one now?







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  • Reply
    Sonya Kendall
    February 16, 2017 at 4:35 pm

    It takes me forever to hang up pictures. So I’ve never attempted hanging a gallery wall, but I love how yours looks.

  • Reply
    February 17, 2017 at 9:27 am

    The gallery wall turned out great! We did something similar at our house a bit of a different turn out.

  • Reply
    February 17, 2017 at 1:21 pm

    This wall is great Mimi!! I look forward to doing something similar when we move!

  • Reply
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