If It Ain’t One Thing….

Hey guys!

Let me just say I thought about blacking out today but based on recent events it would be just my luck that I couldn’t get my site back!!! But please read up on SOPA and PIPA.

Well the past week has been a doozy..Let me run it down for you

My husband broke his foot. He needs my help..lots of it.

The printer did not get the shirts back on time. I had to pull some strings to get the shoot rescheduled with this awesome photographer and I am totally stressed out about that. All of the pieces just came together in the last 12 hours.

My Dad had to go in the hospital. Although he is out now they don’t know what is wrong with him

I had a conference with my son’s teacher and she said that he is scoring 4X above the standard scores of the tests he has been given..He needs to be in private school. How will we make that happen…God knows…but I’m still stressing. He needs to be challenged.

My car needs to be cleaned out. I just don’t feel like touching it.

I’m in a headspin about all of the money that I’ve spent getting this business off the ground, and now I’m starting to doubt myself…cry me a river

The laundry.

Just a few things going on in my world. I will be on Twitter and Facebook sporadically. I’ll be back on the blog Monday with deets and hopefully a few sneak peek shots of the shoot!

Thanks guys for reading and understanding.

*curls in fetal position, pulls covers over head*

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  1. I was wondering what was going on with ya. I hope your hubs and father get’s better soon. Running a business is not for the weak I have had to do some re evaluating myself. Breathe and take things one day at a time. Everything will fall into place right on time.
    kita recently posted..Talk Tuesday

  2. Hope both your father and hubby gets better soon. You have a lot on your plate right now.

    I know what you mean about blacking out your site. I was considering doing it, but I KNOW I won’t be able to get it back up. I can hear Mr.C now: “And you thought it was a good idea to black out your site…why again?”

    Try to take it easy.
    KalleyC recently posted..The Internet Goes on Strike #J18

  3. I knew you had been missing in action! Im praying that your dad and husband get better. The sacrifices we make for our kids…..
    Can’t edit to see the results of the photo shoot!

  4. Girl I know how you feel. Keep pushing. I know it can be hard and may seem like its all too much but with faith you can do it. Take care of yourself and I’ll be praying for you.

  5. Your plate is certainly full but you can handle it. You launch is coming along and the shoot will be fab. Praying for healing for your husband and answers for your dad. As for the littlest man in your life, I agree with Amber, he is a genius! 🙂
    Cam | Bibs & Baubles recently posted..I’m Two!

  6. I have had too many of those weeks lately, they are the pits.

    The Sopa thing went well though, thats a day in history that will be remembered for a long long time as a big win, I think that in 200 years time the day the internet went on strike will be part of history lessons!
    Loldri recently posted..Provisional Insurance

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