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Soundtracking My Life: Tips to Create the Perfect Playlist

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My entire childhood was soundtracked, and by soundtracked I mean the music was always playing in the background… even as I slept.

The television was rarely on, so I learned early on to appreciate music. To this day, I rarely watch television except for a few shows but much like my childhood, to this day music is always playing in our house. It’s amazing how we carry things from our childhood into adulthood with little thought, unfortunately, that also includes some not so good behaviors that we have to be mindful of.

Music makes me happy, it evokes memories, it motivates me, and it continues to soundtrack my life. Nearly 11 years later, I still remember the song that was playing in the car when I went to retrieve my mother’s things from the hospital after she died, I remember the song that was playing when I brought my babies home from the hospital. Music is such a huge part of my life.

I create playlists that are “moody,” if I’m feeling a certain way, there’s a playlist for that! For example, there is a Chill-Out, Girl Power, and Be Encouraged playlists.

Here’s a few tips on creating your own playlists:

  • Find a free streaming service or subscribe to one where you have access to a large number of song titles. We pay for streaming through Napster, however, Spotify has a limited free version that will allow you to create playlists.
  • Think about songs that evoke emotions or memories. I prefer good, or meaningful ones, however, it’s your playlist choose as you wish.
  • If you hear a song you like or one you haven’t heard in awhile jot it down.
  • Name it accordingly, and continue to add songs over time.

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    Toia Barry
    August 27, 2019 at 8:32 am

    I LOVE music and am so overdue for creating some playlists! I have Spotify and Pandora but I’ve found myself using Amazon Music the most. I’ve gotta get to it!

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