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Weekend Vlog | My Son’s First Track Meet

I’m a track mom. He voted against baseball this year. The selfish mom in me wanted me to make him play so I didn’t have to make new team mom friends but when he was pretty adamant about giving track a go, I dragged my feet down to the county rec office and signed him up.


Nobody told me that signing up for rec track would  be like scribbling my name on the dotted line for a travel sport. The majority of our meets are at least an hour away. Note, I said at least which would imply some are a little farther.

Too late, fees are paid so we are all in. Our first meet was this weekend. So typical that we have been having Summer in March until this past weekend when Jack Frost came through like, don’t call it a come back.

Arrived around 8a. He did not run until 1p. All of that time, sitting in the cold.

Nonetheless, we joked and laughed, and ate french fries and drank hot chocolate. I’m seeing this track thing is a lifestyle.

He has already asked to run in the Summer league. Please send tents and snacks and sunscreen.

Here’s a very short vlog of our first track meet. If you hang out on Youtube at all would you be so kind to subscribe to my channel here?!

How was you weekend? Was it tied up with kids sports? I want to hear, we’re all in this together!

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    March 14, 2017 at 5:22 pm

    Nice post. Not there yet with the kid sports, my two are still toddlers. I am kinda looking forward to it.

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