I’m Vlogging– It’s Mimi’s World. A Day in the Life

So I blame YouTube. I have been on there watching those “Day in the Life” vlogs and I am smitten with them.

Like why?!! I suppose we are so nosy and really want to know how people really live…or may it’s just me. I’m not really there for the ones where people are all dolled up for the simplest of things cause I don’t believe people really get fab to go everywhere…again maybe I should speak for myself.

Well in the event some of you all want to see me in another dimension I’ve decided to possibly add a vlog series called It’s Mimi’s World. We’ll see.

Be nice and subscribe to my channel please. I would hate to be lugging this camera around for no good reason.

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    1. Ha!! The camera was propped up on the dashboard. I wasn’t looking in it while I was driving. You should see some of the ones where they are actually taking the camera and showing stuff in the car while they are driving. I’m not crazy!!

  1. Love this, Mimi. I’ve never seen these videos, but I think it’s kinda cool.

    The part where your son got in the car justa talking was hilarious. Like it was straight out of a TV show. Ha!

    And I just love how you are such a fly mom. (By the way, you have great bone stucture in your face. I’ve noticed it before and have been meaning to mention it. It’s one of those things I notice about people.)

    Anyhoo, cool post! 🙂

    1. Girl. He talks like that all of the time, especially when he gets really excited about something. I have to tell him to calm down and breathe!

    1. He reminded me about them chips today!! Lil Mama is a piece of work if you can’t tell. Please, yes, have a nap for me.

  2. Chile.. Little Man had so much to tell you! LOL!!

    And is that you putting the pedal to the metal?! Vrooomm..

    I loved watching this video. I’ve never seen any of the “day in the life” videos on youtube, but it’s probably because I’m not on Youtube that much. You almost have me wanting to do one of these videos.

    What do you use for editing?
    Carla recently posted..Lessons from “The Alchemist”

    1. I used the Windows Live Movie Maker I think it’s called. From my understanding i’ts free and it’s really easy to use.

    1. My son started at 5 as well. They progress but I see way more progression now as he is getting older and fully understands. I would say 5 or 6. She has ended up having to teach him concepts over because I don’t think he fully grasped them at such a young age.

  3. I loved this! Your skin looks amazing! It was nice to see that other Moms are making 8 million stops during the day too. In the heat. LOL!!! Your son’s baseball shot at the end and little Mama swinging were my favorite parts of the vid.
    Tia recently posted..Baby Prep: Styling my Natural Hair

    1. Thanks! I have been obsessed with my skin lately. I plan on doing a post soon with my new regimen. I keep telling people being a SAHM is work. All that in and out and buckling and unbuckling a car seat…not to mention in the heat. WORK!!!

  4. I’m new to your blog. Enjoying it very much 🙂 Nice to see a vlog for a different perspective.

    1. Hi! I know you from Instagram!

      Yes, it is always nice to see how people talk, their mannerisms etc. I think it puts the pieces together. It’s amazing how we have perceptions of people just from their blogs!

      Thank you for reading, I really appreciate it.

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