Blogger Confession: Out on a Phillip Lim

Since my weekend was rather non eventful I am going to join up with Joi over at Rx Fitness Lady for her Mini Blog Challenge. Today’s prompt was a blogger confession and yesterday I couldn’t get this thought out of my head so I’m going to spill it and blame it on Joi and her prompt.

This is the one where I rant about the madness that ensues amongst social media, bloggers and fashion lovers alike when a big designer offers an affordable line of fashion for the rest of us.

Target Phillip Lim

This Phillip Lim line for Target. I’m over it.

Every new line that comes to Target or H&M or any store for that matter social media goes crazy. So my thoughts on this are many and to totally keep from rambling I’ll list them.

I get the love of fashion, because I love fashion but climbing out of my bed early to stand in line for something that everyone is going to have appeals not an ounce to me. Then again I’ve started to pass up on Black Friday so I could just be getting old and senile.

Maybe this point is just the cheapskate in me, however in a few weeks whatever is left over will be discounted. Why not wait. Clearly those are the items everyone won’t have.

So does the differentiation come in how each fashion blogger across the universe will style these items? This is a real question.

Because a lot of these items sold out quickly does the appeal then become…Nan Naneee Boo Boo I got one did you? I’m serious.

I’ll admit, the line wasn’t all of that to me but there were a few items that struck my eye and when I say a few I mean just that. So I’ll chill.  In a few weeks if these items are found  for the right price I will buy them. Other than that….

Phillip Lim bag Phillip+Lim+Target+Collection+7

I know some of you that read over here were out there getting your fix and I can’t wait to see what you do with the pieces. I need answers though. Why are these releases appealing?!!

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  1. I don’t like to shop. Hello? Did I lose you? I’m throwing you the smelling salts. What I said was I don’t like to shop, so I miss out on every doggone thing and probably pay too much something when I find a <i<find. Love the purse. #MBC

  2. I had no idea what was going on yesterday morning all I saw on my TL was target and phillip. I am not a fashinista so I have no idea whats hot or who this person is. The purses were cute but I saw at least 25 people on my TL have the same purse……I hope no one loses it in a pile cause how will you know which one is yours.
    Kita recently posted..About this commercial

  3. I have to say when Target first started doing the collabo’s with the well known designers, I thought it was so cool and a brilliant way for the designers to bring their typically overpriced items to the masses by making it more affordable. But that’s the drawback- stores like Target sell in mass quantities, so now that expensive one of a kind has become an affordable piece that everybody can own. . .literally!

    I LOVE LOVE that bag! 😉
    Tracie recently posted..Paying it Forward

  4. Ok, so honesty… I came to your blog just for Manicure Monday! ~side eye~ lol
    But since we are on the subject of TARGET & this Philip Lim collection… I like a few pieces but I was not about to get up outta my bed in the wee hours trying to FIGHT folks about something errrbody is probably going to have anyway. I’m not a Fashionista but I do like Fashion and I think I’ve seen it enuff to last the rest of the year… but I do want a handbag tho… lol but, I’ll WAIT 4 it! *giggles* & walks away.
    Lynn recently posted..Thrifted Thursday… OOTD!

  5. You know, I am almost ashamed to say that I had no clue as to who Phillip Lim was until I saw the Target commercial this morning (running and hiding). I’m really not a clothes shopper, but I am getting better. Now when it comes to stuff for the home – I’m good! When I do shop, it’s usually for specific items that I need, so I generally miss out on the good sales. I just don’t have the patience to search through racks of various clothing items. I remember when Target had the Missoni line – the folks were waiting for the doors to open! #MBS
    Kennie recently posted..Lights, Camera, Action!

    1. I do like to shop for clothes but lately I’m noticing that my eye is going more toward home decor. I would rather have a comfy and cozy home than a lot of clothes. I guess that epiphany has come with age with me.

  6. I love that high end designers collaborate with retailers like Target and H&M. I don’t love every collection that comes out but the ones I do like I tend to try to get a piece or two to add to my wardrobe. I did go to Target around 10am yesterday and missed out on the bags which is what I really wanted but I picked up a sweater and had a friend pick up a bag at her local Target. I agree that it’ll be interesting to see how bloggers will style the pieces since they probably all have some of the same ones. I loved the floral shirtdress but I can just imagine how many women will be wearing it so I passed on it.
    Aracely recently posted..Weekend in NYC

  7. May I say this…. please….

    I just don’t get the appeal of his line and the mass chaos just like Jason Wu was strange to me. The BOOM Shirt and jogging pant…no. Some of the handbags were nice though.

    🙁 I’m going to miss another black Friday. I’ve never gotten up super early as I always intend to do but I do get out in the nonsense about 9 or 10. I scored pretty good in 2011 by heading to Douglasville where apparently they forgot it was Black Friday.
    Reginia {} recently posted..Hummus Dijon – Another Meatless Monday Meal

  8. I thought the same dang thing. I went to my Tarjay and thankfully, there was no pandemonium, but when I actually saw the pieces, I wasn’t overly impressed. I mean it wasn’t bad, but the stuff I liked, I’ll wait for on clearance. There is still something about me spending $40 for a shirt at Target. I did, however, buy the Boom scarf. It was only one left and I figured I’ll get more wear out of it than the Boom shirt. That’s a trend I don’t expect to last long.
    WSmith recently posted..Under Construcion

    1. I agree with you. There is a certain price limit I am willing to pay for certain items at Target. I loooooove Target but it really is a glorified Walmart so I am mindful of the pricing that I will pay for certain things.

  9. I checked out the line yesterday. I saw one item I liked,but not enough to buy. If it’s still around when they reduce the price, I may purchase. I’m definitely interested in seeing how some of the items are styled, particularly the grey sweatshirt dress because that totally lost me.
    Jenni recently posted..Fun with Mommies

  10. none of that stuff is cute to me. I’m not into fads or trends. I love things that are classic and don’t go out of style. This is why I could never be a fashionista or a fashion blogger. I don’t get the hype and I don’t like spending my money like that lol

  11. I feel the same way, Mimi. There’s enough great fashion out there; I am not getting up at the crack of dawn or fight through shoppers to score a deal. I do all my Black Friday shopping online; I can be in my pj’s and shop to my heart’s content!
    Dana recently posted..I’m vlogging today!

    1. I’m not a huge online shopper but I just may try that this year. I desperately want a good slow cooker but I don’t want to fight anybody for it! Yay for Cyber Monday!

  12. I knew NOTHING about this until I started seeing all of these posts and photos online! I was like ohhhh kaaaay. I happened to go by target to get something else and did see the boom shirt. Which I liked and got. I liked one purse too, but EVERYONE is going to have that bag. EVERYONE. I’ve seen everyone with one. Decreased its appeal for me. Oh well
    Rosesdaughter recently posted..Randoms……

  13. Ok, I must confess that I didn’t even know anything about this line coming to Target so that shows JUST how much interest I have in it! I also don’t get the whole concept of getting up early to stand in line for a few pieces of clothes just to say I have them! The same thing with the Jordans that “our people” line up in front of the stores every release date! I will line up for a Black Friday sale though! LOL!
    Britton recently posted..Confessions of a Blogger

  14. I went to Target to see the quality and I thought the clothing quality was not good at all. I like the style of the bags but at the end of the day I don’t like fake leather. So I am keeping my money in my pocket and will look for the next collab. Besides the bags and the trench coats I didn’t like care the looks and I think that the H&M collaborations have better quality than the Target ones.

  15. To be honest, this was my first time hearing about Phillip Lim and it seems as though I heard of it at the right time. I had my heart set on the Dorian bag by Ralph Lauren but this bag, being similar, served as a great alternative. I find it interesting that there were lines for this release. I am not standing in line for retail. I don’t want or need anything that bad. Out here, I just walked into Target, picked up the bag, and purchased it. There was no chaos or pandemonium, because if there was, I would have just left the bag right there. I wasn’t a fan of the clothing.. at all. It just wasn’t my style but everyone’s style is different.
    Carla recently posted..Target Haul

  16. I guess these releases are so appealing because this is one of the few times a lot of people can afford to buy something designed or branded by their favorite designer. Idk. The only release I ever got super hyped over was the Missoni and that was because I had fallen in love with not only their designs but the history behind how they came to be designers. I did a project on them for a final in one of my fashion classes in college, but still I wasn’t up at the crack of dawn standing in any lines.

    My feelings have for designer brands that I love is that I’d much rather save up money and get a rare piece from one of their upcoming top collections than something millions of other people are going to be wearing. That’s the fun and allure of fashion for me. Having something that is different, rare and unique. I like to stand out when it comes to rocking designer brands and you can’t do that a lot when everybody and their mamas have to exact same thing.
    K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy recently posted..My Fall Fashion Wishlist

  17. I really do love a good quality purse that I can pretty much wear everyday (Yes, I just said that). I was not rolling out of my bed at the crack of dawn to pick up these items. However, I was enticed to purchase the items online until I heard some reviews on the quality. In the event that one of the larger size purses is marked down I will get one. These are just my two cents. If the quality of the product is going to change because it’s for target, I would just rather save my pennies for the high end version.

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