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Ask Away Friday

Happy Friday!

Y’all know I don’t normally participate in that many link ups but when Ask Away Friday was brought to me by Brittnei I though why not. I love reading other posts like these and for some reason I love to answer questions about myself so I am giving this a whirl. Not to mention it’s NaBloPoMo and this is easy and fun content.

Ask Away Friday

My partner is Brittnei. I had to swap questions with her so make sure to head over to her blog to get her answers to my Ask Away Friday questions. If you want to link up head over The Real Housewife of Caroline County to join in the fun.

Fashion Rant

Blogger Confession: Out on a Phillip Lim

Since my weekend was rather non eventful I am going to join up with Joi over at Rx Fitness Lady for her Mini Blog Challenge. Today’s prompt was a blogger confession and yesterday I couldn’t get this thought out of my head so I’m going to spill it and blame it on Joi and her prompt.

This is the one where I rant about the madness that ensues amongst social media, bloggers and fashion lovers alike when a big designer offers an affordable line of fashion for the rest of us.

Target Phillip Lim

This Phillip Lim line for Target. I’m over it.

Life Me Rant Soapbox

Race and Change

I admire people who say they don’t see color when it comes to people. I have often speculated what that might feel like because being truthful I know nothing about that. Before I move on let me clarify I don’t have a racist bone in my body but when I look at people I definitely see color.

The color that I see doesn’t affect my feelings about that person, so perhaps that is what people are referring to when they share their blindness to color, but the over analytical in me won’t let statements as the aforementioned rest lightly.



So I’ll get to the point.

Health Life Rant

Fat Girls vs. Skinny Girls

For the past two weeks I have been faithfully tuning into WE’s new show House of Curves on Thursday nights at 10p. House of Curves showcases plus size fashion designer Kenyatta Jones and her quest to build a high fashion clothing brand specifically for plus sized women. I will admit if one of my very best friends Kelli Flournoy was not a major part of the show I probably wouldn’t watch because for the few episodes that I have watched it just gives me a bad taste in my mouth when it comes to the hostility exchanged between fat/thick girls and skinny girls.