I Turned 40… It was Epic

On March 2nd, I turned the BIG 4-0. For a whole year leading up to my 40th birthday, I was hype. I kept telling folks about my impending entrance into the 40/40 club… then a few days before I was to pull out my ID I got all in my feels.

All. In. My. Feels.

It hit me like a brick. I don’t think it was so much turning 40, as it was the realization that I was closing out a decade of my life where so much happened.

From 30 to 40, I had a baby, we moved into our forever home, I moved past the debilitating grief of losing my mother, and most importantly I found JOY! All of the major events I had dreamed and prayed about happened in the decade I was leaving behind and it got a whole lot emotional.

Tears were shed, then I turned up like only I can. If you know nothing about me, know that I’m down for a good time. I walked into no f*cks 40 free as a bird. I’ve struggled with self-love, jealousy, and, getting rid of other folks perceptions and thoughts of me. Overcoming all of that gives you the type of joy that no one can take away. After I shed those tears I was ready to walk into the next decade like a boss.

A 40-year old boss at that.

I didn’t want any part in planning the festivities, so I just showed up where they told me.

Friday started at Little Trouble in Midtown. Then it got really real and moved to the club where I brought in my actual birthday. There was video, sorry if you missed it. There is a reason Instagram Stories self-destruct after 24-hours.

Little Trouble Atlanta
This picture had the potential to be so epic. However, I do not have an Instagram husband. After our given 5 takes, this was the best of the bunch.

Saturday, the day ones put together a nice little slumber party at a suite downtown. We stayed in, drank, had girl talk, and found ourselves down to the lobby for shots, a round of Black Card Revoked and sushi. It was perfect.

I love my friends. I try my best to make time for them because they mean so much to me. These were the ones that have been there since college. They know the WHOLE story, the ones that act and ask questions later.

Sunday, we slept in, checked out, and headed to Murphy’s in Va. Highlands. Murphy’s hands down is my favorite brunch spot.

I am now 40. I kind of feel like I have no more big milestones to look forward to, but considering how fast 40 rolled up, I’ll be 50 in like two years!

Thank you to everyone that sent me birthday wishes, I received them. They were much appreciated.

I’ve documented many birthdays here if you want to go down memory lane… let’s go. Here is 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, and 39!


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    March 26, 2019 at 12:22 pm

    Happy Birthday!!! Turned 40 at the beginning of the year and still haven’t celebrated yet….I’m thinking of a spa getaway in the city somewhere. Great blog!

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    BestAbo Comparateur
    April 11, 2019 at 7:53 am

    I enjoyed surfing in here “”, liked all ur write’s specially the way, keep it like this, blessed 🙂

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