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Weekend Wrap Up…Sick Mama Edition

Happy Monday,

I hope your weekends were filled with Christmas shopping and all of the pleasantries of the season while I laid in the bed overtaken with the worst cold/flu that I’ve known in at least the past 5 years.

I was/still am very sick.

mothers don't get sick


Thursday I got that scratchy feeling in my throat and within hours I was in the bed shivering like Smokey in the chicken coop. If you don’t get that reference don’t even worry about it.

Lawd. Being sick sucks, I normally get a little congestion here and there but this right here…..took me completely out of the game. I am so thankful that my husband works from home and has been able to be at my beck and call otherwise my children wouldn’t have eaten or bathed in the past 3 days. I literally couldn’t get out of the bed.

So let’s talk about how being a sick mother is tantamount to taking days off of work and dreading coming back to an inbox full of emails. Well that’s how I was feeling the entire time, I just knew he wasn’t going to stay on top of things and when I finally made it into the kitchen I was happy to see it was clean but this laundry pile tho. I’ll get to it this week sometime.


Enough of my moaning and groaning. How was your weekend? Did you get your Christmas shopping completed?


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