The Weekend | Hello Fall Edition

September was rough. Intense to say the least and I am welcoming October with open arms that I hope will be clad in sweater material soon because I am completely and totally over the heat.

September worked every good nerve, I felt anxiety and uncertainty on everything having to do with my purpose.

To be a creative is exhausting.

It is always your creative, lofty and in my case dreamer behavior being reminded that life doesn’t always see the beautiful colors and the art in the unusual, it instead sees the black, the white, and the gray. It is that constant fight against life to not quell your spirit and forcefully push it into a box, cause if you let it you know you will feel suffocated and sad. As a result in an attempt to not let your dreams be packed in a box and tucked away to make place for “reality”  your mind is constantly working over time to see how your gifts can make money so that you can be fulfilled in all areas.

The. Struggle. Is. Real.

In a roundabout way that was my September. Praying, believing and putting into motion things that would allow life to make way for my gifts and understanding that it may not look like what I want but may manifest in a way that I need. I think I’m kinda, finally open to the unknown. I’m understanding there are things I can’t control and I’m letting go.

I’m letting go for an awesome end of the year and the ideal that my life is bound to be beautiful and I have control to create that beauty with the small things.

Fresh air does a body good. Saturday I grabbed my camera and the babies and we headed downtown to grab a few photos of Trina. That mere obligation on my calendar turned into an impromptu Saturday morning filled with laughter, and a plain old good time.

I think I forgot how much I missed my camera and the outlet that photography has provided me in the past.


Once Trina and I were done with her shoot, we ventured down Edgewood, taking in the scene, living in the moment, hanging out with one of the village aunties.

Village auntie B has the best house ever, with natural light to die for.


….and nail polish.

I took the rest of the weekend to rest my mind and my body. Quarter 4 is ahead, and if I plan to live this life I feel I am bound to live I have to put in work.

We all have to work to build a life we are proud of.

In all of it’s ugly there is beauty in life, lots of it. We have to work to find and nurture it. For me that means picking up my camera more and journaling here hoping that my images and words and honesty may encourage you to get out there and stretch a little, and love a little and live a lot.

Have a great week friends!



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    October 7, 2017 at 9:14 am

    Picking up my camera( not just my iPhone) is so therapeutic to me, and I don’t do it often enough anymore. It’s like journaling!

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