vintage school desk

a vintage school desk

A few weeks ago I announced that I would be converting the playroom into my office. Well an update on that is I am actually moving into my husband’s office because it is bigger as I will need to make a space for them in MY space because…you know, kids follow their mother.

I’ll update more on that later.

Anyway, when I decided to relocate their work spaces to their rooms I immediately started thinking of putting a vintage school desk in my daughter’s room because the doll house that I almost drop kicked last Christmas takes up quite a bit of space in her room so I needed something compact.

My neighborhood has a FB page and as I was scrolling to keep up with the drama that is why we need to ditch one of the trash companies because their trucks are leaking hydraulic oil on the streets I came across a pink painted vintage desk for $15.

vintage school desk

vintage school desk




vintage school desk

In order to make it work I had to switch a few things around in her room. The doll house got moved to the wall adjacent to the foot of her bed and I removed her name sign for now and put the desk in that corner.

Girls Room Decor

vintage school desk

vintage school desk

It’s a little tight but she can easily maneuver in and out of the desk and the closet door can still open.

I have convinced myself to leave the desk as it is, but I’m still thinking of maybe adding a monogram to it or something.

What do you think? You ever come across an invaluable find for the low?

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  1. This is such a major find and it is perfect for your baby. Her room looks great! I’m trying to purge all these toys and relocate everything but a shared table and teepee.
    I should totally hire you.

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